Cookiebot CMP and the New Personal Data Protection Ordinance

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In Hong Kong, the Personal Data Protection Ordinance (PDPO) protects personal information from being misused. This is one of the most important privacy laws in the world, but it’s not without its challenges. Data users should carefully consider how they’re going to collect, use and transfer data to avoid violating PDPO.

PDPO requires that individuals are informed of the purposes for which their personal information is collected and of any proposed disclosure to third parties. It also requires that individuals consent to the collection of their personal information. Those who fail to comply with PDPO can face fines and imprisonment. Using Cookiebot CMP, you can ensure that your website is in compliance with Hong Kong’s PDPO.

The definition of “personal data” in PDPO is broad and includes descriptions or identifiers that are directly related to an identifiable individual, including an IP address or website cookies. However, it does not include information that merely points to or is relatable to a person, such as residential addresses. This is likely to be interpreted by the government as a move to align PDPO with existing international regulations that regulate information that can be used to identify people.

This new definition of personal data will have significant implications for businesses and their digital content, especially in the case of cross-border transfers. The new law will require that data users have an operational business in Hong Kong to be covered by the PDPO, and that they comply with its provisions. It will also prohibit data users from transferring personal information to other jurisdictions unless they can demonstrate that they have an operational business in that jurisdiction.

As an international digital hub, Hong Kong is home to a rich industry ecosystem with a dense concentration of enterprises, networks, IT and cloud service providers. Equinix’s Hong Kong colocation facilities connect customers into this dynamic industry ecosystem, providing them with direct access to their data and connecting them to their key global partners and suppliers.

Data is increasingly being recognized as a form of capital, an economic factor that drives digital innovation and production. As this recognition grows, the importance of a robust data management system becomes even more crucial. A data management system that supports data governance, security and compliance will provide the foundation for a digital transformation.