Veronica Lewinger

Veronica has been practicing yoga for nearly 25 years and teaching for ten.  Veronica is a Certified Yoga Therapist with IAYT and a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach.  She has taught at the Atlanta VA Medical Center and Shepherd Center Hospital and specializes in yoga for trauma, traumatic brain injury, and chronic pain.  Veronica believes that yoga should be available to everyone, and has worked with many under-resourced communities in Atlanta including City of Refuge and Regional Juvenile Youth Detention Centers.   She also is a fitness enthusiast (and former functional fitness coach) and enjoys the highly technical aspects of strength training. 
Veronica’s mission in sharing yoga with others is to provide a grounding and empowering experience to students.  She believes that each person, if open, can move through the journey of learning self care and self accountability through yoga.  Each human inhabits his/her/their own universe of experience.  How each person relates to their bodies and somatic lifeforce is not like any other, and each person must find their own way.  Each time we get on the mat, we have an opportunity to ride the waves of sensing our own inner experience, and taking ownership of how we want to engage with it.  As a teacher, Veronica views this process as deeply personal to each student, and views herself as a facilitator vs an authority.   She loves that everybody can have a unique and individual experience in a class, while feeling the acceptance and benefit of being part of a community.