Stephanie McCartt

Stephanie is a certified Grounded Kids Yoga teacher whose love for learning, teaching and being active led her to yoga.

After running 11 marathons, competing in several muddy competitions, instructing outdoor fitness boot camps and participating in various adventures, injury and overuse took its toll. Stephanie reconnected with yoga in 2012 as a way to heal and it became so much more. From her previous teaching, she had great knowledge of anatomy and the body, but it was yoga that taught her to actually connect with her body, mind, heart and soul.

Since 2012, Stephanie has passionately explored yoga, taking workshops and
trainings to deepen her own knowledge. What started as intro course to learn to teach yoga to kids in her neighborhood has quickly blossomed to a full-blown certification and teaching to all ages. She currently teaches at Fugees Academy, Mary Lin Elementary and Oak Grove Elementary, and is completing her Kundalini yoga certification.

What she loves most is the journey – there is always somewhere to go – and
bringing that adventure, exploration and experience to others is her path. As Yogi Bhajan reminds us, everything we need is inside of us. Yoga helps us access that everything.

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