Scott Frazier

Scott is an explorer at heart. He’s explored some far-flung corners of the world, met some amazing people on the journey, and returned with some hilarious stories. He’s also explored the inner realm searching for answers to simple questions like – how does reality work? And, what is the point of life? Is it possible to be endlessly, effortlessly happy? 

He now teaches the tools and perspectives that led him to a life of effortless bliss. The focus is on how to align with your true self and realize the truth of what you are. This is the path of true liberation and is Scott’s current passion. It is a practical path that allows anyone with a true desire to experience the end of resistance and suffering. In short, he teaches true freedom to be the real you without any distortion. Life is just a fun game and when you choose to learn that, you are free to simply play and live an inspired life!