Malia Hilliard

Malia Hilliard has been deeply immersed in the pursuit of transformation since she first began her yoga practice at age 15. Trained and certified in 2001, Malia began her career in Los Angeles, gaining sponsorships from companies including Nike, Lululemon, and American Apparel. Since then, Malia has created a Yoga Alliance accredited Teacher Training program, has certified over 40 teachers and has chocked up over 10,000 hours of teaching in 4 different countries.
Perhaps one of the reasons Malia has been so widely recognized throughout her nearly 2 decades of teaching is her ability to guide her students through a journey. She sews together unique and fun sequences that are just the right amount of challenge and bliss. She deconstructs the postures and finds ways to work within them with both deep holds and repetition to beautifully sculpt the body and help students cultivate true transformation, both inside and out. Malia used yoga to heal many of her own injuries, and understands how to help her students find profound wellbeing and a deep sense of self while increasing performance in everything they do.
Malia is dedicated to inspiring people across the globe with the many benefits of yoga through classes, privates, teacher trainings, retreats and workshops. She currently resides in Atlanta, but continues to teach around the world. Her students include Gisele Bundchen, Reece Witherspoon, Bobbi Brown and Mark Teixeira just to name a few. 
Three words to describe how someone feels after your class
Strong, Centered, Uplifted