Delona Wardlaw

Delona found yoga in 2012 when she signed up for the new student trial at DYP, hoping to alleviate headaches and stress from her job in accounting. Intimidated at first by the hot room, she started with therapeutic, Pranakriya and Yin, but eventually overcame her fears, growing to love the hot classes as well.

She never imagined she would make the decision to become a yoga teacher, but always a seeker of knowledge, she found herself enrolled in teacher training in 2016. She completed her YTT200 certification in vinyasa yoga with Jessie Fletcher of Dorje Yoga hosted by Ember Hot Yoga in Woodstock. She has completed additional training in Yin Yoga with Douglas Johnson at Decatur Yoga, and Myofasciae, Prana and the Bandhas with Jeffrey Shoaf through the Center for Integrative Yoga Studies. She has also attended workshops with Andrey Lappe, Grace Morales and Patrick Beach, and makes it a habit to practice with new teachers and experience different yoga styles whenever the chance arises.