Debra Kelley

Debra Kelley is the founder and director of Decatur Yoga. The stresses of corporate life led her to her first yoga class in 1995 and she has been a perpetual student ever since. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and is certified to teach Bikram, Hot Core Power, Vinyasa and Yin yoga. She has taken Essential Mat Training through Stott Pilates and Pre-natal training with Stacy Keach. She is currently pursuing her 500 hour yoga certification and Yoga Therapy certification through Pranakriya Yoga, a style born out of Kripalu Yoga. She consistently attends national yoga conferences and workshops to embrace the role of being a student with a “beginners mind”. The ancient healing art of Ayurveda and the gentle power of meditation are disciplines that inspire her to seek out the deeper traditions of yoga.

Debra especially enjoys the opportunity to share the fundamentals of yoga with new students and receives great reward in witnessing their progress over time. She is a stickler for safety since she has personally experienced a serious and unnecessary injury at the hands of an over-zealous and unknowledgeable teacher. As a result, safety has become the cornerstone of the entire studio. Her teaching style emphasizes proper alignment, mind-full breath and foundation stability while always encouraging an attitude of acceptance and an awareness of mind-body intelligence. Her role as owner is to offer as many slices of the “yoga pie” as possible, taught in the safest way possible, so that DYP students may be exposed to the many ways that yoga can be expressed. Her mantra, “there are many paths to the same mountain, be safe and enjoy the view!” The variety of yoga styles offered at DYP, reflect her interest in and appreciation of an eclectic, balanced and evolving yoga practice.