Carolina Dear

My name is Carolina Dear and I was born in Guayaquil-Ecuador a small country in South America and was a teenager when I moved to the United States. I settled in Newton, Massachusetts with family. While living in Massachusetts, I finished high school and learned northern English before eventually moved to Miami.

While living in Florida, I worked for the airlines, travel agency and as a Medical Interpreter. I traveled parts of the world until I met my husband who is from South Georgia. Shortly after marrying we settled in southeast Georgia.

After moving to Georgia, 35 years ago, I began my journey as a wife, mother and professional. Throughout the years, I have practiced yoga with books and DVDs at home. In my small town, where I live, there were no yoga studios available at that time. Yoga has brought profound healing to me throughout the years that I have practiced. In 2005 I decided to deepen my own yoga practice and I became certified as a Kripalu Yoga Teacher. Teaching and sharing yoga peak my curiosity to know more and in 2009 I became a certified Viniyoga Therapist. I am also certified prenatal yoga teacher and Ayur Yoga therapist. I have completed multiple aspects of training in different areas of yoga. I am also trained as a Reiki Master.

As I practiced and taught (yoga & therapeutic) I realized that I could go further with my learning. I wanted to study the other science of yoga, the one that few of us know about it here in the west, and I became an Ayurvedic Clinical Specialist (CAS) Practitioner in 2014. I was inspired to study Ayurvedic Medicine because I was born into a family with a midwife. My great grandmother was a medicine woman in her small town (Balzar- Ecuador) where natural medicine is common. I realized that Ayurveda is very much needed in the healing process. Ayurvedic knowledge gives us the freedom to use the body intelligence to heal, allowing us to apply more than one aspect towards healing. A person can use many tools of yoga and yoga therapy and the wisdom of Ayurveda Medicine towards holistic healing.

My goal as a Ayurvedic Clinical Specialist( CAS)- Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Therapist is to enhance the health and well-being of an individual by reducing symptoms, restoring balance, increasing self-understanding, encouraging prevention, and facilitating healing at all levels. I am very grateful and fortunate to have this opportunity to learn and share this great learning with students and patients.