Ava Barnes

Ava’s interest in meditation and nature drew her to yoga. As an academic and a psychology buff, she has studied the brain’s response to yoga. The data echoed what she already knew–that yoga makes you feel better. And that’s her goal as a teacher: to make you feel better. From stretching your body like a full body massage to weaving meditation throughout the class, her classes help you relieve stress in the body and heart, and connect to your deeper self.

Ava has been practicing yoga and teaching friends for 10 years. In 2019 she made it official by completing her yoga teacher training with Joe Palese. She believes yoga can be practiced everywhere, and teaches students to bring yoga into everyday life. When she’s not teaching yoga, Ava is parenting two small yogis–Max and Jane, and teaching at GSU. She loves hiking, dogs (hiking with dogs), hot drinks, dancing, reading (but not reading while dancing), and people!