Yoga for a Happy Back with Leslie Burger

The other day I sat down with yoga teacher and nursing student, Leslie Burger, to talk about what it means to have a happy back. “Pain-free and strong”, is Leslie’s opinion of what a happy back feels like, and, her aim for teaching yoga for the happy back is to give her students the tools to get there.

These days, for many of us, our lifestyles work against our bodies, particularly for those who spend many hours a day being stagnant, driving in our cars and sitting at a desk hunched over a computer. Our backs, as well as our hips, neck and shoulders, develop issues as the result of all those hours of sitting. The low back is also home to the root chakra, which means we’re prone to carry emotional trauma there as well. And, as if we didn’t have enough disadvantages for keeping our backs healthy, as we get older, our joints tend to wear down and can put us at greater risk for back injuries.

With the constraints of our stagnant lifestyles and aging bodies, maintaining a healthy, happy back is something most of us have to work for and why teachers like Leslie can help us help ourselves so much. 

In Leslie’s Happy Back Workshop, students will be introduced poses and positions that help to lengthen the muscles around the spine, allowing for more space to form between the vertebrae. Back pain is often the result of the vertebrae being severely compressed. By lengthening out the spine, that new space helps alleviate pain caused by compression. Many of the poses taught in the workshop work this way: to counteract stability we practice mobility-poses that aim to lengthen and increase flexibility, and, to bring balance to mobility we practice stability-poses that aim to strengthen our proper alignment. Overall, Leslie’s goal with this workshop is to give her students a practice that is safe and sustainable and one that they can continue to do at home and in their everyday routines.

To sign up for the Happy Back Workshop happening July 29th from 12:30pm-3pm, please visit our online schedule, series and workshops. $40/person

For more information about Leslie and her work visit

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