Yoga Offerings

Yoga All Levels (Hatha)

Yoga All Levels blended classes includes key instruction for beginning yogis, while offering options for more experienced yogis to deepen and further their practice. Teachers address various levels while adapting to students’ needs.

General instruction incorporates principles like elevating an inward focus, allowing the breath to lead the body in movement and embracing the magic of savasana. Preparatory / conditioning postures for finding a seat for short meditations and how to build strength and awareness for Handstand and Crow are offered as well.

Yoga builds strength, flexibility and balance in the body and mind by incorporating the principles of breath awareness with proper body alignment. This class offers classic yoga postures taught with foundational guidance and includes breathing techniques, centering exercises, and verbal cues to inspire and guide the practice.

Yoga 2 (Hatha)

Yoga 2 classes serve those who have already built a good foundation and have a desire to deepen their yoga practice with more challenging asanas. Yoga 2 is a creative exploration of yoga postures that balances physical challenge with mindfulness. Yoga experience is required as this class focuses on refinement and precision.

Vinyasa All Levels

Vinyasa All Levels is a moderately paced Vinyasa practice that connects movement and awareness to breath in a dynamic sequence. Classes introduce preparatory work for  inversions, backbends, and arm balances as well as yoga philosophy for students looking to expand their physical practice and deepen their understanding of the many facets of yoga.

Vinyasa 2

An intermediate sequence designed for those who have taken our Hot Vinyasa All Levels class for months or who have practiced Ashtanga consistently and want to continue to deepen their asana practice. We’ll explore more challenging transitions, arm balances, inversions and backbends.

It is most important that your body is conditioned and you understand the importance of good alignment. This class is not designed with beginners in mind, so, if you are new to yoga, please choose a class that is more appropriate for your abilities. If you have any doubts, please consult with our teachers.

Breath Training

Breath Training, Breath Aligned Movement and Systematic Relaxation

Sutra 1:2
Complete mastery over the roaming tendencies of the mind is yoga.

Sutra 2:47
Perfection in asana is attained by loosening of tension caused by effort, and by mental absorption in the infinite.

Elements of this class are drawn directly from the source of living wisdom found in the Yoga Sutras, the “Bible” of Yoga.

Cultivating a healthy breath is key to uniting the breath and the mind. Uniting the breath and the mind is essential in our goal of mastering the roaming tendencies of the mind.

The challenge in working with the mind is that it is extraordinarily subtle and easily distracted so we must connect it with something that is completely real to us so that our experience is real. Breath is unique in that it is both real (physically tangible) while also being a subtle link between the mind and the body.

In this class we will move inward and begin to witness and reshape our breath movement through diaphragmatic breathing and begin to observe how this awareness manifests in our asana practice through breath aligned movement. This process strengthens our prana and paves the way for us to experience deep relaxation and move more effortlessly towards meditation.

Bring reverence and respect to your asana practice as you consciously connect the mind, body and breath in order to relax the nervous system, strengthen your physical container and increase your Prana.

Recommended props for the most comfortable experience:
2 blocks
2 blankets
Portable face cradle (we sell these at the studio)
10 lb breath pillow, (provided by the studio and can be purchased)
Eye pillow

We are all a work in progress.
Begin again……at the beginning…….with a beginners mind.

Gentle Yoga

Anyone who feels less than youthful fluidity and strength will find this class accessible. You know who you are. You want a sensitively paced class, with challenges certainly, but also with regular rests between postures. You want a balanced workout to cover all areas of the body. You want interior balance, strength, and flexibility. You want some moments of deep rest. You want increased mental focus. You will be surprised at the progress you can make in this class and you will be able to take its lessons home for your own practice.

Mindful Movement, Meditation, and Rest

Enjoy a gentle class with plenty of pauses for stillness to help you settle and center. Students will be guided to turn inward and tend to the experience of the body in the present moment. Class includes a 15-minute guided meditation based on a weekly theme, such as being with anxiety or opening to joy and at least 10 minutes of Savasana. This class is appropriate for beginners and students of all levels.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga uses blankets, bolsters, and pillows to fully support the body in foundational yoga postures without muscular exertion. Restorative Yoga is deep but passive, making it accessible to all levels. This class can enhance a vigorous practice, and is also well suited for those with injuries. A regular Restorative practice has been shown to soothe the nervous system and help boost the immune system. 

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga poses are performed seated or lying down using props and slow transitional movements that massage and lubricate the body’s sheath of connective tissue as well as the mind’s power of observation. Sustaining each pose for a period of time pairs intentional stillness with steady compression to signal a “rest and restore” mode for the central nervous system thus promoting digestion, muscle repair and organ detoxification. 


The Viniyoga experience helps develop strength, flexibility, focus, and a greater awareness of body, breath, and mind, each class emphasizing integrating primarily breaths with movement in the physical poses, while learning to adapt the postures to suit your unique needs.  Also incorporates breath practices (pranayama), and relaxation. Clear verbal instructions are given to meet the needs of the students.

Prenatal Yoga

Gather in community to breathe, move, and connect with yourself, your baby, and other expectant parents. This class provides parents the mind-body connection needed for a grounded childbirth experience. Prenatal Yoga offers strengthening, toning, and relaxation skills that enable awareness of innate ability. No previous yoga experience necessary.