Welcome to Decatur Yoga’s “Cosmic Community: A Virtual Class Experience

Our Cosmic Community is now “LIVE” Online!!!!!!

We are thrilled that you have chosen to live stream and keep the community together. We are here for you and value our community so much! The beautiful thing about technology is that we can all stay connected while at home.

We invite you to peruse our class offerings on Mindbody just like before and register/pay there. We always love to hear your input, so please feel free to share what you are longing for. We are so excited to reconnect with all of you again!

Our Cosmic Mission:

As we find ourselves in a time of uncharted territory, we must all do what we can to move forward with as much hope and centeredness as possible. As members of our community you are probably already missing your yoga home, the friends you’ve made and the teachers you have come to love and rely on. Our goal is to bring the DYP studio experience to you in your own home.  

How It Works:

The great news is that the platform we are using is integrating with our Mindbody software. For current on-going members, go online and register for your classes as you did before, then one hour prior to the class, you will receive a link from which to join the class. For our current members, just like before, all classes are included. If you have a 10 class pass, you can use it to pay by the class.

And because we have had to take all of our classes virtual, we want to offer our members a discount on their monthly membership fee. new pricing as follows : 1 month unlimited $80, Drop in $13, 10 pack $120  and our all current members will be reduced to $80 before their next payment date.


Our first week will begin with 35 “LIVE” classes, 5 diverse classes each day between the hours of 10 and 6. As we feel out the interest and demand we are prepared to expand our classes and teachers.

How to Register:

Current Members: Register and/or purchase classes on Mindbody as before. 

First Time Visitors: Visit our website, decaturyoga.com, and kick around a little. When you are ready to jump in, we recommend our Explorer Pass, where you receive 1 week of unlimited classes for $20. You can purchase it online after you set up your account. Have a problem or a question, shoot us an email at goodservice@decaturyoga.com. We check emails and voicemails every day, so we will be back in touch.


To prepare…


  • If you have it, this is a great time to carve out a small place you can return to often to renew and restore with us. Set up your props, buy an inspirational candle made with essential oils, hang some yoga-inspired art, maybe create a small altar where you put very special items that have meaning to you, and voila, you have your own sacred space.
  • You will sign up for virtual classes the way you normally would through our DYP app or website (just select the North location!) We are live streaming classes through a tool called Zoom.  You will receive your class confirmation email one hour before the class starts, and then the class will open up 20-15 minutes prior to the class start time. Your class confirmation email will now have a Zoom link, along with a password. 
  • *Please make sure we have your correct email address in MindBody, and that you are allowing emails from Decatur Yoga. If you have not been receiving our newsletters or other communication, you might want to email your name and current email address to dypmanagement@gmail.com so we can easily communicate with you.
  • When you receive the email, all you do is simply click the meeting link, and you will be prompted to enter the password provided. Be sure to download Zoom and “agree” to the prompts when asked. Do not worry – Zoom is a protected video tool trusted by thousands of organizations. After that, you will see your instructor and your favorite class will begin on any electronic device you choose! You can join from your phone, laptop, or tablet–just access your email to click the class link on your chosen device. You will have the option to show your image, or not, so the teacher can potentially see you. And you may also virtually see other students in the class which helps us all feel more connected. Sign into your class a little early, so you can chat with other students before class begins!
  • For the Optimal Cosmic Experience, please ensure you are close to your wifi router to get the clearest video and audio. You can download a “speed test” app to test your download speed. Ideally you would have a minimum of 25 megabytes download speed. If you are streaming through your mobile phone, download the Zoom app first, it will work better! 
  • Click here for a short tutorial on how to join your live Zoom class.
  • To register on Mindbody, please be sure to click the North location as we do not have classes scheduled Downtown

Looking forward to seeing you all and staying fit in mind and spirit until we open our doors again. Most importantly, please stay safe!


DYP Management Team

PS: All DYP annual member mats from both locations have been put by the stairs in the common area of our DT location. Please drop by soon to take your mats home.

Thanks everyone for hanging in there with us!

We Are More Resourceful Than We Know! 




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