Here are just a few “unsolicited” Decatur Yoga reviews. Thank you! We are so honored and blessed.

“This place has changed my life. I’m very happy to have started a yoga practice, the instructors are so supportive, and my husband is happy with my new found inner peace.”

There are three rooms for practice. The huge hot room accommodates large groups with plenty of personal space. All hot classes end with a cold lavender cloth on your forehead. There are two other spacious rooms for regular yoga and Pilates. The dressing rooms and shower facilities are always clean. There are so many diverse classes to choose from. I can only go in the evening and there’s a different class to take everyday. YAY! Signing up for classes can be easily and conveniently done online. The instructors are awesome, some better than others, but all great. They have a great introductory rate that is very worth doing. I highly recommend Decatur Yoga and Pilates!”

-Cindy B.

“This may very well be the best yoga/mat pilates studio in the city. Fabulous atmosphere, great space, great instructors. I’ve never had a bad instructor here….

…they tend to be knowledgeable, friendly and more than willing to meet you where you are on that particular day physically and emotionally. I would especially recommend Douglas Johnson’s classes. It’s easy to schedule and pay online and you really need to do it this way if you are going to very early or very late classes. Also, the classes aren’t so so big that the instructor isn’t keeping an eye on you.”

-Mary Beth L.

“I love this studio! The teachers are great! I have done Hot Core Power and Bikram here. The studio is clean and well maintained.

The staff is very friendly and welcoming to new students. I am also very pleased that I can schedule and pay for my classes online.”

-Jenn N.

“This really is a great yoga studio. I moved to a different part of Atlanta so getting there isn’t always easy, but I can’t give it up.

Not only are the instructors great, the other people practicing are great too. I like how you find people of all ages, shapes and sizes… and levels!

-Jennifer M.

“I have tried several different hot yoga studios around Atlanta, and this is the very best experience by far. There is a strong impression of familiarity and intimacy without sacrificing a warm welcome to newcomers…

Even though their styles vary, I have gotten valuable prompting and direction from each of the instructors. They all seem to be paying careful attention to students as much as possible within the constraints of time and the number of students in the class. Each instructor has always offered participants modifications based on flexibility, balance, strength, and any other known limitations…The facility is cozy and clean. The changing room and showers have never left anything to be desired, and the restrooms are impeccable. I have been attending for about 4 months and intend to remain a regular for as long as I live here… Yoga at DY&P has sculpted my body into better shape than when I kept up with my cardio alone, plus I’ve gained the benefits of true unity between mind and body. It’s a moving meditation.”

-Vivian Jane S.

“I just started attending Decatur Yoga & Pilates (DYP) and my life had never been better…The staff is so nice and friendly!

Entire staff wants to get to know you and accommodate your needs. If it’s your first time doing any sorts of yoga, they will guide your way through your class. They have very organized and clean shower facility – which I use often. And if you happen to be a full-time student, you can get discounts too! DYP is an excellent place for beginners, long-time practitioners, or anybody really! As one of my yoga teachers says, “Be proud of yourself for coming out here. Because coming out here is the biggest step you can make!”

-Yuna P.

“DYP is a welcoming studio with knowledgeable and supportive staff. I have been practicing yoga for 14+ years and decided to try hot yoga about 3 years ago. The teachers at DY hooked me, and now it’s my home away from home.

All of the teachers are excellent, but here are some highlights: Joe Palese is great on form, and has helped me correct postures that were stressing my back. I was defaulting to my much-stronger hamstrings at the expense of my back, and he taught me to bend my knees a bit to get the alignment right before straightening my knees (which never occurred to me since my spine is flexible and my knees hyper-extend). Holle creates an environment that is especially helpful at getting centered after a crazy day, and has also helped me get deeper into Bikram poses. Nicole is also a great teacher, and has helped me correct my form in Bikram (her explanations of how poses should feel is spot-on, so if you learn best by hearing an explanation and then trying it, she is the teacher for you!). Both Holle, Joe, and Nicole would all be ideal for beginners (Joe’s Hot Vinyasa is an intermediate class, though, so stick to hot core power if you are a new yogi). I always go to Astrid’s classes when I want to be challenged (imagine a beautiful, positive, centered, and supportive drill sergeant, and you’ve got some sense of the wonder of the Astrid experience). Jenny’s Bikram and Hot Core Power classes are playful and consistent, and are thus a good barometer for how one is feeling on a given day. The Hot Vinyasa classes are for more practiced yogis. Malia is great when I want a challenge (both mental and physical), since she mixes up the flow a lot and keeps me from getting too comfortable or ego-driven. Cheryl, Octavia, and Doug are also great for working the edge, although Doug also does some deep stretch classes that are good if one is injured, stiff, or just needs a break in between the more challenging flow/Bikram classes. Cheryl is doing some amazing work bringing yoga into local public schools, so she brings some great energy into her classes. As for heat, Astrid, Jenny and Lana tend to keep it as hot as it gets (which I love, but it’s not for everyone), while Holle’s hover at around 100 degrees. Joe’s classes are the coolest (between 85-90 degrees). For non-hot classes, the Pilates (Michelle really gets you working, and as so helpful when I had a shoulder injury and couldn’t do flow classes) and Level I Flow classes are good. Whether one is a newbie or already hooked on yoga, I recommend taking advantage of their introductory offer, which gives you unlimited classes for $35. That way you can try different classes/teachers before deciding which payment plan works best for you. I go at least 3X per week most of the time, so I have the monthly unlimited plan ($108/month), but if you think you’ll make it less than 9 times a month the card might be your best bet. For cash-poor yogis, there are donation-only classes on Sundays that are taught by teachers -in-training that are usually great, too. Their website is very comprehensive and helpful, and the owner, Debbie, clearly runs the studio as a labor of love. The evening classes can be crowded and parking is always an issue, so plan to arrive early to reduce your pre-class stress.”

-Jena J.

“I have been practicing yoga for over a decade and am a physical therapist, so I have come to be particular about my yoga practice. Astrid is an amazing instructor in not only her class design, but also in what she exudes as someone who truly “practices” yoga and everything that goes with it.

She always prepares your body for whatever peak pose and offers appropriate counter poses afterwards. She provides detailed instructions to make sure you’re not just making the shape, but truly understanding the pose. The studio itself has a variety of classes making it easy to have it fit into your life and your needs. Whether it is Bikram or just enjoying a hatha style class in a warm room, you will find something that suits you.”

-Anna B.

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