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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
with Joe Palese, Lead Assist: Ashley Dunlop
begins February 2019

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From a practical approach, all of the essentials will be covered: Our 200 hour yoga alliance certified teacher training will explore the essence of yoga, instilling deep knowledge and respect for the ancient tradition and modern evolution of this powerful practice. New teachers will graduate empowered with a craft to create meaningful, consciously aligned, intelligently sequenced classes that can be tailored to a broad range of students, providing them with a strong foundation to begin their careers as yoga educators.

This teacher training will provide a unique opportunity for students to embrace all of the various skills and knowledge necessary to become fully competent yoga teachers in an ever growing and in demand profession, facilitating personal growth and generating greater well-being amongst students as they learn to more fully embody the path of yoga.

What you will learn

Touch corrections
Class composition
Working with modifications, injuries, and special needs
The business of yoga

Your Teacher Training Team:
Joe Palese
Ashley Dunlop

Training Itinerary

Fridays 6:30pm-9pm
Saturday and Sunday 9:00am – 6:00pm

2019 Dates:

February 15 – 17
March 15 – 17
April 26 – 28
May 16 – 18
June 21 – 23
July 19 – 21
August 16 – 18
September 13 – 15
October 11 – 13


Application to this training will be conducted in a personal interview with Joe or Ashley.

Applicants must:
• Have a regular yoga practice for a minimum of 1 year.
• Take a minimum of 2 yoga classes per week during the training and journal on them.
• Develop and maintain a home yoga and meditation practice.
• Have a love of yoga and the desire to serve others.
• Be able to attend all weekend training sessions.

Certification Requirements

Applicants must:
• Attend all weekend classes.
• Complete monthly journaling, reading and anatomy assignments.
• Complete all teaching practicals which includes assisting Joe or Ashley in two classes and in class teaching assignments.
• Be able to articulate the different approaches a teacher would take in teaching a beginner, level one, and vinyasa class.
• Pass written exam.
• Bring your authentic self!

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200 Hr RYT Grounded Kids Grounded Grown Ups

Grounded Kids Grounded Grown Ups is an inclusive, inter-generational methodology that offers sacred, secular and even at times silly sequencing for ages 7 and up.

This training is for you if you believe in the wisdom of children, the integrity of yoga and the power of both difference and connection.

This training is for you if you have the desire to dive deeper into teaching all ages, expand your understanding of poses, and share your love of yoga with others.

This training is for you if the idea of a Yogavator appeals to you.

This 200-hour training is for you if you are seeking a foundation for your teaching, looking for yoga teaching technologies to bring clarity and connection to your instruction, or desire a method to help uplift and elevate yourself and those around you-your classroom, your family, your neighborhood, your people.

Expect to learn how to balance deep sacred teachings with light hearted techniques.

Upon completion of the program, you will be eligible to become a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200).

Training will be taught by Cheryl Crawford and her Bored Members.

There will be 22 students in all. 11 under the age of 22 and 11 over the age of 22. Apply here.


Fridays, 6pm-9pm
Saturdays, 9am-5:30pm
Sundays, 9am-5:30pm

Weekend dates for 2019:

  • January 11-13
  • February 8-10
  • March 8-10
  • April 5-7
  • May 3-5
  • June 7-9
  • July 12-14
  • August 2-4
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