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Pranakriya Approach to Yin Yoga (20 hours)
Instructor: Amanda Trevelino
October 18 – 20, 2019
Friday 6-9:00pm
Saturday – Sunday 9:00am – 6:30pm
Total Cost: $475 
Earlybird 1: $350 by August 27, 2019
Earlybird 2: $425 by September 27, 2018

Yin yoga might look or feel like deep stretching. In fact, it is a passive practice of loading the body’s fascia, or connective tissue, for a period of time with an emphasis on joint health, to hydrate, lubricate and improve or maintain the body’s overall mobility and flexibility.

Named for the Chinese taichi symbol that illustrates complementary duality, the practice acknowledges that muscular yang-like yoga asanas are more fiery and superficial, while Yin is a cooling practice that offers much deeper access to the body, and perhaps to the deeper Self. As such, this training will offer a simple overview of Chinese meridian theory. It will help teachers understand the concepts of moving energy, even in stillness, and will relate to the nadis and koshas of tantric philosophy.

We will enhance our understanding of fascia’s role in the body, and experience the way connective tissue may invite connection to the subtle body or the psyche. As Yin becomes a meditative practice of non-resistance and mindful witnessing, we learn how to language for self-awareness, how to calm the nervous system, craft various Yin sequences, when to use counterposes, rebounds and props for safety. We also will explore what yin is not: active stretching or restorative yoga.

This training is counted as an elective within the Pranakriya 300-hr accredited teacher training and as 20 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Units.

A student does not need to be 200 hour certified in order to participate in this training, but needs to be 200 hour certified in order to continue on to teach Yin. 


From a practical approach, all of the essentials will be covered: Our 200 hour yoga alliance certified teacher training will explore the essence of yoga, instilling deep knowledge and respect for the ancient tradition and modern evolution of this powerful practice. New teachers will graduate empowered with a craft to create meaningful, consciously aligned, intelligently sequenced classes that can be tailored to a broad range of students, providing them with a strong foundation to begin their careers as yoga educators.

This teacher training will provide a unique opportunity for students to embrace all of the various skills and knowledge necessary to become fully competent yoga teachers in an ever growing and in demand profession, facilitating personal growth and generating greater well-being amongst students as they learn to more fully embody the path of yoga.

What you will learn

Touch corrections
Class composition
Working with modifications, injuries, and special needs
The business of yoga

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