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To Revolve means to learn how to harness the powerful techniques of yoga for personal growth and to use yogic techniques to refine inner awareness to access the body’s innate wisdom. To Revolve is to come around again through the process of time…. to embolden our own personal evolution through the process of yoga in order to to return to one’s natural state of harmony, connection and peace.

Grounded in the tradition of Tantra Hatha Yoga, Revolve Yoga Teacher Training takes students beyond the surface and into the deeper practices that nourish one’s personal experience of yoga. Utilizing the body as a vehicle for greater self-awareness, Tantra Hatha uses asana (postures) to strengthen and purify the body. When combined with yoga techniques such as pranayama (breath techniques), and dhyana (meditation), we refine our attention to the more subtle bodies and deeper experiences, thereby growing discernment, and creating greater mental and emotional fluidity and ease.

This program offers a dynamic, well-rounded yoga education for those seeking to better understand ancient wisdom teachings and their applications for well-being for today’s yoga practitioner. The Revolve Yoga Teacher Training program seeks to support students in their own evolution through the path of yoga while providing them with the skills, tools, and confidence to cultivate their inner teacher.

Graduates of the program will be steeped in the rich history and traditions of Tantra Hatha Yoga while being invited to explore their unique relationship to the practices. They will receive the skills necessary to lead safe, empowering yoga classes with a full toolkit of modifications, posture options, and knowledge of how to create a complete series of classes with progressive levels of difficulty. They will feel inspired and embolden others to live these teachings both on and off the mat with an approach that is relevant to the modern world.     

Revolve with Yoga Teacher Training

Our training is taught in 10 intensive weekends, offering 200 hours of in-person (classroom) training with skilled and experienced teachers/educators. The program weaves together asana, anatomy and movement, pranayama, meditation and relaxation, philosophy and history, group and paired activities, lecture, discussion, and practicum to optimize the learning experience.

Aligning with the latest Yoga Alliance 200-hour training standards, your comprehensive training curriculum covers:

Anatomy & Physiology

Using lecture, visual presentation, movement, and hands-on experiences, you will learn:

  • foundations of anatomy, biomechanics, and physiology as they relate to yoga postures and movement;
  • connections between musculoskeletal imbalances and mal-adaptations of postures;
  • fundamentals of the body’s various systems as they relate to yoga asana, pranayama and meditation.

Techniques, Training & Practice

Enveloping the core of the teachings, we will lean about the primary tools of yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation) for personal enrichment for yourself and your community. You will explore and experience:

  • principles of asana (postures) including alignment, benefits, precautions and contraindications, historical context of asana based on Tantra Hatha Yoga philosophy and texts;
  • essentials of pranayama (breath techniques) to include the benefits, precautions and contraindications, and effects of pranayama on anatomy as well as the subtle body systems (nervous system, energy system);
  • key components of dhyana (meditation practice) and various styles of meditation, as well as scientific research on and applications of contemplative practices.

Yoga Humanities

At the heart of the practice is a rich and deep history of yoga’s teachings. This component of the training focuses on interesting discussions, story-telling, and embodied experiences to learn about and more deeply integrate the powerful teachings that arise from yoga’s philosophical inquiries and self-reflection. Here we explore our own humanness and ways in which to offer a dogmatic-free approach to these ancient practices in a contemporary world by understanding the:

  • framework of the history of yoga as a practice and the lineage of Tantra Hatha Yoga as a path;
  • core philosophical teachings of yoga texts based in the Hatha and Tantra Hatha lineages and how those apply to today’s yoga practitioner;
  • primary elements of yoga guidelines for self-responsibility and accountability and how to apply these in our professional and personal circles.

Professional Essentials

In addition to understanding yoga’s techniques and tools themselves, teaching yoga to others requires some essential skills such as understanding teaching methodologies and models of learning, employing the components of a safe and multifaceted yoga experience, using tools (language, visual aids, contact) to support the well-being of both the individual and the group. Using lecture and discussion, movement, and interactive experiences, you will learn about:

  • components of a yoga class and how to sequence, build, and pace those components for foundational/basics, gentle and vinyasa style classes;
  • methods for supporting our students with safety and awareness and ways to manage the overall environment;
  • resources for continuing your personal path of yoga and pursuing future professional development. 

About Your Revolve Program Directors:

Tra Kirkpatrick, C-IAYT, E-RYT500

Led to yoga over 20 years ago during a time of Divine Discontent in her own life, Tra has been an avid yoga student ever since and has been sharing yoga’s powers to help facilitate self-healing and wholeness with others for 15 years. As a certified yoga therapist and life coach, Tra’s teaching integrates yoga with positive psychology and behavior science to help empower people to recognize and shift patterns that can lead to imbalance and dysfunction. In her classes, Tra invites students to explore the ways in which they extrapolate meaning from their experiences and to cultivate a greater sense of freedom through self-understanding. Tra’s classes are infused with practical applications of yoga’s deeper teachings and explored through breath work, movement and postures, and meditation.   

As a yoga educator, Tra has been developing and leading 200-hour and advanced level yoga teacher trainings throughout the United States since 2011. Her life-long desire and passion for teaching led her on the path to becoming a teacher trainer with Pranakriya Yoga in 2009 and she has never looked back. In 2014 Tra co-founded the Center for Integrative Yoga Studies, where she spent five years training teachers at the 200 and 300 hour levels and administering the business functions of the school. Tra’s most recent yoga adventure, Revolve Yoga Teacher Training, is a coalescence of nearly a decade of experience training and mentoring teachers on the path of yoga. Tra is thrilled to lead this program with long-time colleague and friend Melissa Katz.     

Tra has been a contributing writer to Elephant Journal, Yoga Therapy Today, Natural Awakenings and has been a featured teacher on the international YogaMate website. As a lover of travel and exploration, Tra leads soul-full yoga adventures and experiences to amazing locations throughout the world. When she’s not on the road teaching programs and leading retreats, Tra teaches weekly classes and sees private yoga therapy and Thai bodywork clients in Atlanta and Decatur, Georgia.

Melissa Katz, E-RYT500

Melissa teaches yoga as a practice of surrender. She believes in its power to help us let go of thoughts that take us out the present moment and release resistance that hinders our range of motion and thinking. Ultimately, yoga can break down our deeper layers of ego and personal history and connect us with our true nature. Although Melissa’s classes may be challenging physically and mentally, she meets her students at whatever their level of experience and physical ability with a focus on safety and body awareness so that they can keep coming back to the healing space of the yoga mat.

Melissa began teaching yoga in 2006 when she completed her 200-hour basic teacher training with Peachtree Yoga Center. Her passion for teaching and practicing yoga led her to complete two advanced certifications with Pranakriya Yoga: a 300-hour Professional Advanced Teacher Training in 2009 and a training in the therapeutic applications of yoga in 2011. These teachings not only inform Melissa’s own practice, but are the framework for the helping others strengthen their bodies and move closer to who they are in each moment.

As Co-Director for the Southeast Yoga Conference for 12 years, Melissa was instrumental in growing the Atlanta yoga community and forging relationships between teachers, studios, students and local health-conscious businesses. In addition, Melissa has been an advocate for yoga through appearances on local television and interviews on public radio. 

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