Student Protocol & COVID-19 Measures

1. Create an account on MindBody. There you will be prompted to sign our waiver and read our studio protocol. We require pre-registration and pre-payment for all classes prior to arrival as we continue to honor contactless transactions, with minimal physical contact. No drop-ins yet. Thank you.

2. If your contact or credit card information has changed, please update your account profile to enable ease of purchasing..  If you have forgotten your user or password, PLEASE do not create another account. Email and we will respond promptly to assist you by updating your info for you. This will eliminate multiple accounts which can create confusion.

3. For in studio classes, proof of full vaccination is required. Please email a photo of your vaccine card to prior to your first visit  so we can add it to your Mindbody profile. We will upload it into your account and create a designation in our software so that we are aware of your vaccine status at a glance. Please allow 1 business day for vaccination documentation processing and access to in-person classes. For faster service on all things DYP, weekday inquiries are preferred. Weekend inquiries will not be as prompt. Please look for our response to your inquiry the following Monday. 

4. Masks are still required at all times when you are off your mat.

5. Maintain distance, sanitize/wash hands and minimize socialization.

6. Alcohol spray bottles are available to use for additional disinfection.

7. Please change into your yoga attire prior to arrival, if possible, and minimize the items you bring into the studio. All items except your phone, wallet and keys will be stored in our cubbies in the lobby to keep our practice space calm.

8. Glass bottles are not compatible with our concrete floors. Please bring stainless steel or plastic instead.

9. Street parking is available all around our studio and please obey all street parking signs so we are good community neighbors.

10. Arrive Early. Classes begin promptly and late arrivals are discouraged. If you are new to our studio, please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to class time so you know how much time it will take you to park etc. We begin on time to honor the practice, we end on time to honor you.

11. What do I bring? Until further notice, we ask that you bring your own props. A yoga mat, water in a stainless steel bottle and an open mind are the basics. 

Our Shared Responsibilities:

We are all in this together, and we need everyone’s cooperation to create a healthy and enjoyable experience for all. Thank you!

Our Promise to You:

  • All of our teachers and staff will provide proof of full vaccination.
  • We will maintain thorough cleaning, sanitizing and ventilation protocols throughout our studio.
  • We will wear face masks until we arrive on our yoga mat.
  • We will follow physical distancing guidelines.
  • We will provide hand sanitizer, alcohol spray and  soap and water to wash hands.

Your Promise to Us:

  • For now, proof of full vaccination is required to enter the studio. Please provide a photo of your full vaccination card via email so we can add it to your MindBody profile. Send to
  • You will follow our guidelines on keeping our studio safe and healthy for all.
  • You will wear your face mask until you arrive on your mat.
  • You will follow social/physical distancing guidelines.
  • You will sanitize your hands upon arrival.
  • You will be kind and patient as we all navigate new ways of being together.
  • You will choose another time to visit DYP if you are feeling ill.

Entry Protocol:

1. Remove shoes, place in cubbies.

2. Sanitize hands upon arrival.

3. Only keys, phone and wallet allowed on your mat.

4. Wear your mask until you arrive on your mat.

5. Unisex bathrooms are to the right. Please do not use them to change clothes.

6. Dressing rooms are to the left. Use occupied and unoccupied signage as needed.

7. Black mats for padding are available for your use.

8. Alcohol bottles are available for additional disinfectant..

9. After class, replace black mats and alcohol bottles.

10. After class please refrain from socializing in the space.

11. Thank you for coming in.  Enjoy your day.

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