September Newsletter

My 60th birthday is fast approaching, Thanksgiving Day this year, so I am well aware of the needs of my “age group” when it comes to keeping vital and fit. Yoga classes are not designed for age only, but for fitness level, recovery from injury or surgery or simply for someone wanting to consiously move and breathe. We currently offer two Therapeutic yoga classes as well as periodic Chair Yoga workshops.  The needs of the 60 plus fitness market is growing and we want to offer our services to this important group.  Beginning September 20, on Tuesdays at 8:30 am, John Verlenden will offer a new Yoga for Seniors class. Please don’t get hung up on the age thing.  Sometimes a more gentle class is exactly what we need. Yoga offers many benefits for older students.
Our bodies become less fluid as we age, and a  good yoga practice can help, “oil the joints” by increasing the amount of fluid in between the bones. An improved sense of body awareness is also often seen in people who practice yoga regularly. For a senior, this enhanced awareness can translate into an increased confidence in their ability to get around without falling. Balance is one of the first things we start losing as we age, so the use of chairs or a wall will help steady them in certain poses.
Confidence is gradually built in yoga classes as students, slowly work up to more complicated versions of poses.
Some people won’t be able to progress to the advanced form of every pose, but that’s ok. Yoga is all about  honoring the individual and their unique journey.
Know a senior who might want to try yoga? Let them know their first class with John on Tuesday the 20th at 8:30 am  is free. Just ask them to mention they heard about John’s class from our newsletter.


Another great offering we have in late September is a 12 Day Reawaken Cleanse with Sara Rossi.  I took this cleanse earlier in the year and plan to do it again.  This is not a deprevation cleanse but an opportunity to flood your body with delicious, healthy and sustainable food that will make you glow and feel amazing. There is a special price for all of our Auto Renew and Yearly unlimited students. A free kick-off talk with Sara will be held at DY on  Sunday, September 18 from 3:00 – 4:00. More detail on the cleanse is listed in a block below.


Heres to aging peacefully and gracefully in our minds and bodies,
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