September: Greetings from Debra

As communities go, our yoga shala is strong, ethical, peaceful and progressive. We welcome everyone and we choose to see the best in all. Our communities are experiencing challenging times, and it is always our natural instinct to want to make a difference.

One of our members, George Bachman, reached out to me and suggested we open our doors to create an opportunity for people to come together to share thoughts and feelings around the tension in the country and to share ways we can make things better. Gratefully I see this happening everywhere and that is reassuring.  Think of our space as a “Sanctuary Studio”, a place for all who want to dig deeper and find ways we can join other communities to create a bigger wave of positive evolution.

Join us on September, 10th from 1:00 – 2:15pm for a FREE gathering.  Shonali Banerjee of Mantra Ma fame will set the tone of our gathering with the sound of her beautiful voice and George Bachman will bring in the lovely sounds of  his singing bowl. We will center together and then open up the space for sharing. Plan to leave enlivened and connected with our deepest good with ideas of ways to share it with others.

Check out Shonali on vimeo


Another meditative opportunity for our community coming up Sept.11 – Oct.16 is a QiGong Series with Matt Hayatt. I took a workshop with him last month and my eyes have been opened as to the benefits of and the reasons for the longevity of this ancient practice. We all need a way to slow down, release tension, reduce stress and get centered in our world, and this is how I felt after my experience. Think of QiGong as a moving meditation that, through the slow fluid movements, helps you move more smoothly through life, improves psychological health and therefore creates more resilience against negative forces.

Sign up for Qigong Series ($90)

*Please sign up by Sept.4th if possible! We need 8 students to make the class. Thank you!


We all need tools to shield our hearts from the darker aspects of humanity. We need venues where honest communication is welcome, where slowing down is encouraged and where we can be heard with the hope of being understood.





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