Reformer Pilates FAQ

What is Reformer Pilates?
The reformer is one of the original pieces of equipment that Joseph Pilates created as he developed his movement practices. The reformer is made up of a carriage that glides across a frame. Various spring tensions are used to add or take away resistance as the carriage moves. During a class or session you can lie down, sit, stand, and even kneel as you perform the exercises. One of the goals in working with Pilates equipment is to inform you of your body’s strengths and weaknesses, and help you rebalance and realign your body.

What do I wear?
Any exercise or workout apparel is appropriate. We ask that your clothing choice is somewhat form fitting so we are able to better see and safely correct your alignment. We do require grippy socks. You’re more than welcome to bring your own pair or purchase a pair at the studio.

Is there a place to change?
Whether you’re practicing Pilates and heading off to work or joining us in your down time, we’ve got restrooms with changing areas and showers available for you to use.

Can I bring water?
Absolutely! Your water bottle is more than welcome right by you at your reformer. We’ve got a water cooler in our lobby should you need a refill.

How many days a week do you recommend Reformer Pilates?
Pilates doesn’t build up lactic acid in your muscles, therefore you won’t need recovery days in between your classes or sessions. Most clients use reformer classes as supplemental movement to their weekly exercise routines, and in that case we say once a week is great! However, if you’re intending to focus solely on reformer workouts then we suggest up to 3-4 times weekly.

What if I have an injury?
Pilates began as rehabilitative movement and it’s intended to help build a strong muscular foundation for your body. All of our instructors are highly educated and will be able to modify or progress you to help you achieve the safest and most efficient workout. We do ask that you disclose any injuries on our Intake Form, as well as clearly communicating with your instructor. If you’re dealing with a reoccurring or intense injury, we would suggest you start with Private Pilates sessions.