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Mat Pilates

At DY our Pilates mat classes are taught as all level classes. You will be encouraged to work at your particular level. Our teachers are trained to cue students with this in mind. All exercises have prep, beginner and intermediate options and these will be addressed in classes so you can choose the level for which your body is conditioned.
All levels.

Reformer Pilates

Our Pilates classes are taught to encompass all levels and offer beginner and advanced options. Reformer Pilates uses resistance in all planes of movement and works on a moving carriage to improve stability and strength.
Various spring tensions provide the opportunity to increase resistance, challenging muscular awareness and alignment in a low-impact environment. We utilize the reformer to the fullest extent and will use foot and hand straps to access the front and back body as well as the extremities.
You will have the opportunity to work on a specific injury if applicable and obtain a full body workout in a semi-private setting with highly trained instructors.

** Grip socks required (available for purchase at the studio) **

All levels.

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