Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer

Reformer Pilates

We highly recommend beginning with an Introductory Reformer Private to give you a full assessment and training on the equipment prior to entering group classes.

Here are the class descriptions:

Traditional Reformer

This multi-level Reformer class creates a full mind/body workout. Various spring tensions and pulleys are used to provide resistance and assistance as you move through Pilates exercises. Be prepared to challenge your muscular awareness in a low-impact environment. Our instructors focus on form and technique to help provide an efficient and safe equipment experience.

Private Pilates Session

Private sessions mean working one-on-one with a highly experienced instructor to meet your individual goals. Privates are meant for clients to learn how to perform exercises from the Pilates program while creating more body awareness. With the help of the instructor, clients will be able to make an assessment of their own body and its capabilities. Each session will be customized for the client. Private sessions can be scheduled by calling or speaking with our Front Desk, who will help you find the right instructor for your goals and your time.

Light Reformer

Join us for a slightly slower and more mindful reformer class. We suggest this class for newer clients, clients recovering or rehabbing from injuries, aging population, and anyone looking to move more intentionally. This class will dive into the vocabulary of the movements, and the set-up of the reformer. Our goal is to teach clients to learn what movements and modifications work best for their bodies while building functional and safe movement patterns.

Semi-Private Pilates Session

Semi-private sessions are scheduled sessions intended for two people looking for a more individualized practice outside of classes. Clients will work with one of our instructors to learn the fundamentals of Pilates movements, and how to safely perform the exercises. The pace of the session will progress as the two clients work through the layers of beginner, intermediate, and advanced equipment exercises. As with our private sessions, semi-private sessions can scheduled by calling or speaking with our Front Desk staff.