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Welcome to the journey!

Our Explorer Pass is the best way to begin! (Valid for new students only). 3 weeks for $30! Includes all yoga and pilates mat classes. Does not include series and workshops. You can take advantage of this offer only once, and only if you are a new student and a local resident. What are you waiting for?


New Students Only

$30 for 3 weeks

Unlimited Yoga & Pilates

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Tips For Your First Class

Arrive Early.

Classes begin promptly and late arrivals are discouraged. Parking can be challenging so arrive early. We have a 5 minute grace period, but after that, we will ask you to take the next class on our schedule. We begin on time to honor the practice, we end on time to honor you.

Tips for Your First Class

Save time and register online, or arrive 20 minutes early to register and get oriented for your first class. For all yoga and Pilates classes, bring a yoga mat, water and an open mind. Yoga and Pilates are best experienced on an empty stomach, so do not eat 2 hours before class. For hot classes, bring a towel, hydrate well by drinking water throughout the day and wear lightweight clothing (shorts are preferable and baggy sweats are not recommended).


“This really is a great yoga studio. I moved to a different part of Atlanta so getting there isn’t always easy, but I can’t give it up. Not only are the instructors great, the other people practicing are great too. I like how you find people of all ages, shapes and sizes… and levels!”

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Classes we recommend for new students

Hot classes

Hot 26
Easy Sunday Flow
Hot Core Power

Non-hot classes

Yoga Essentials
Meditative Flow
Deep Stretch Yin
Pilates Mat
Therapeutic Yoga
Yoga Church
Rise and Shine
3 in 1 Yoga.


Everything else you need to know

Studio Etiquette

In order for everyone to feel comfortable in the space, it is important that we communicate what is expected of students. Click below to learn about our DY studio etiquette.

DY Studio Etiquette >

Directions and Parking

We are located in a very popular area in Decatur so plan accordingly. Parking is available in the lot upstairs next to Dancing Goats, and along the Northern Ave side of our building. Please do not park in front of the condos or anywhere you see restricted parking signage, for you will be towed.

Map and Directions >


We suggest that you bring your own yoga mat; it’s more hygienic. However, we do offer rentals for a small fee in case you forget.
Mat Rental: $2
Towel Rental: $1
Water: $2
Having a great experience: Priceless 🙂

Class Prices

Click below to see a full menu of our prices and packages.

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Safety at DYP

Safety is paramount at Decatur Yoga. People with diabetes, uncontrolled hypertension (elevated blood pressure), or inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis should be careful in the hot classes and monitor their symptoms in response to the heat.

Learn more about Safety at DY >

Why Register Online?

Easy check in, no waiting. Also, if you register and we have to cancel a class at the last minute, we’ll email you (make sure we have your current email address) to let you know so you are not disappointed when you arrive.

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