Moving into Summer: Poses with Sumayya Allen

When I sat down to think of a summer inspired post to share with you this month on our blog, I couldn’t get away from my dreamy vision of practicing yoga under the blooming magnolia trees and the sweet white gardenias that Atlanta wears so well this time of the year. 

To collaborate on this post, I asked Sumayya Allen-also known as the yogini you see perfecting her handstands at the Historic Fourth Ward Park several days a week. For this project, she led us to this noteworthy green space, where on a weekday afternoon while cars streamed along the busy E Ponce de Leon, we were the only ones in the whole park.

Here’s a few snap shots to get you moving in your practice this weekend, and if it leads you to; step outside and discover the playground at your feet!    

1.Wild Thing Pose (Camatkarasana)

Down Dog
Begin in downward facing dog. Root down through hands. Broaden collarbones and draw shoulder blades down back body.
One Leg Lifted 
Lift one leg, spreading through toes and pressing out through heel.
Fully Extended 
Bend the lifted leg drawing heel in toward glute. Pivot on the grounded foot. With control, lower the lifted foot behind you, placing toes on the ground, while lifting arm and reaching overhead. 
Draw your pelvis upward. Open your heart to the sky. Relax your head and neck toward back body. Reach fiercely through the lifted arm and fingertips.

2.Tree (Vrksasana)

Shift weight into one foot. Take hold of ankle and draw foot to the top of the thigh. Press foot and leg into each other to create strong foundation. Extend arms overhead, reaching with fingertips. Relax shoulders away from the ears. Challenge yourself by taking your gaze up.

3.Flying Pigeon

(Eka pada galavasana)

Stack ankles with bent knees, arms grounded
From standing, place your ankle slightly above the opposite knee. Flex the foot. Bend into your standing leg as you send your hips back. Place your hands on the ground, fingers spread wide.
Bend elbows back like chaturanga arms. Sqeeze triceps in. Hook your foot to the outside of arm and place shin high up on triceps, as close to armpits as possible.
Float leg and fly

Look forward. Shift weight forward. Come onto the ball of the back foot. With weight in palms and engaging core, float the back foot off the ground. With core fired up, extend the leg straight behind you. Fly!

Drawn to the transformational power of yoga for the body, mind, heart and soul, Sumayya Allen continues to seek and grow in her journey as both student and teacher of yoga. 

Her motivations to teach yoga are centered in helping students tap into their own inner power and fire, find strength to break through self-imposed limits and release fears and doubts. Sumayya finds any and every opportunity she can to stand on her hands, sharing her gift and passion for handstands with those around her. 

In 2016 she completed her 200hr training with Malia Hilliard of Hotlanta Yoga. She now teaches at several studios in the Atlanta area, included Decatur Yoga and Pilates.

To see a full list of the classes Sumayya teaches at DYP please visit our class schedule.

Thank you, Sumayya!

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