Meet Sally: Decade-long DYP Student, Kombucha Brewer and Shining Light!

Building community between like-minded individuals is something we’re passionate about at our yoga studio. Not only do we provide the Decatur community with yoga classes of a wide variety, but we also provide a home where they can connect, grow and share with one another. Our students come from all around the Atlanta area to shed old layers, build strength, and inspire themselves from the inside out. Every day at Decatur Yoga and Pilates we meet individuals who have inspired us and continue to shape and expand our community. We wanted to share their stories with you. 
Name: Sally
DYP: What’s your favorite style of yoga at DYP? 
Sally: Bikram and Hot Core Power. I do all Hot classes.
DYP: Why do you practice yoga? 

S: I became hooked after my first class at Decatur Yoga ten years ago. I love that it works all my muscles and doesn’t do damage (like I’ve done to my feet from running for 30 years). The sweating is so cleansing. I’m also an introvert who is spiritual and practices prayer and meditation so it meshes with my personality.  

DYP: Favorite & lease favorite asanas?
S: I love Sarvangasana (shoulderstand) at the end of my practice. Crow poses are the most challenging for me but inspire me to build more upper body strength. Eagle and Tree poses are also favorites because of the concentration they require of me. 
DYP: What do you love about DYP?
S: The instructors, owner, staff, wide range of classes on the schedule and that I can ride my bike there.
DYP: Is yoga your main form of exercise or do you participate in other sports, fitness or activities?
S: From now on, yoga will be my main form of exercise since I quit running. I bike and swim laps in the warm months which is most of the year. 
DYP: What other mind or health benefits do you receive from practicing at DYP, and what is your main health/wellness goal at the moment? 
S: ​Being in an environment where I just focus on one thing at a time. Life/work requires so much multi-tasking, it’s nice to shut that out. I love the poems instructors recite at the end of the class mostly by Mary Oliver and Ann Sexton which focus on nature and are always food for thought. My health/wellness goals are to continue to improve my overall strength and balance. I love my hearing and balance nerves due to a brain tumor on my right side a few years before I started practicing yoga and I see a huge improvement in my balance due to yoga. I became vegan almost a year ago and I brew my own Kombucha. I’m continuously inspired by the people I meet at DYP. 
DYP: Aside from DYP, what’s your favorite local hangout?
S: Aside from DYP, the things I love most about Decatur are the PATH, our parks, the Dekalb Farmers Market and Raging Burrito!
Our mission is to provide a safe and welcoming environment whereby a student can: learn about the true essence of yoga through exploration, discovery, acceptance and understanding, in order to… progress in a calm, mindful and safe yoga practice to… become a strong, knowledgeable and discerning yogi or yogini. This beautiful evolution would lead this yogi or yogini to take their yoga off the mat into their everyday lives in order to… make the world a better place!
Decatur Yoga and Pilates is the largest studio in the Decatur area, offering 70 classes, 7 days a week. Our studio also hosts various workshops from internal and visiting teachers.
Come in to explore a detoxifying and energizing hot class, a blissful, deeply-releasing Yin class, or one of our many other offerings.  
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