Meet Kat: Ultra Marathon Runner, Climber and Yogi!

Building community between like-minded individuals is something we’re passionate about at our yoga studio. Not only do we provide the Decatur community with yoga classes of a wide variety, but we also provide a home where they can connect, grow and share with one another. Our students come from all around the Atlanta area to shed old layers, build strength, and inspire themselves from the inside out. Every day at Decatur Yoga and Pilates we meet individuals who have inspired us and continue to shape and expand our community. We wanted to share their stories with you. 
Name: Kat 
DYP: What’s your favorite style of yoga at DYP? 
​Kat: My favorite yoga classes are Hot Vinyasa classes, or really anything in the hot room.​ But I tend to try all the kinds of yoga the studio has to offer. I really like Yin every now and again, and I’m really enjoying Jessica Taylor’s new Advanced Yoga Prep class.
DYP: Why do you practice yoga? 
K: ​I practice yoga because it’s one of the few parts of my day where I have one job – to breathe and move. I don’t have to think about any other part of my day, what I am supposed to do, etc. It helps me let go of everything else in my life for the time I am in my practice.​
DYP: Favorite & lease favorite asanas?
K: My favorite poses are usually ones that will really challenge my core, and also pull me out of my comfort zone – often this means arm balances or variations of side plank. I also love pushups of any kind and shoulder work. I can’t say I have a “least favorite” pose because the ones I “don’t like” usually are important because they challenge a different part of my body and soul… but I usually want to go ahead and skip frog pose!​
DYP: What do you love about DYP?
K: I love the community at DYP. I feel like I am coming to my second home every time I walk through the door. I instantly feel safe and welcome and relaxed. Everyone there usually knows my name, and we all share little bits of ourselves in practice and in the communal space. I really love the emphasis in every practice on our spiritual selves, and how the practice of yoga can be carried into our daily lives. Every instructor has something to say that will touch me or help me move through something I need to move through – whether it’s part of my physical asana practice, or a part of something more emotional or mental.
DYP: Is yoga your main form of exercise or do you participate in other sports, fitness or activities?
K: You know, I hardly think of yoga as exercise, even though I know it is! I come primarily for the mental, spiritual and emotional benefits.​ However, it is a great supplement to my other physical activities. Running is my main form of exercise. I’m an ultra runner (meaning, I run distances longer than a marathon) – and my favorite distance to race is 50 miles to 100k (about 62 miles).  I’m almost always training for an ultramarathon, and yoga really helps me stay strong, balanced, and injury free as I move through a training cycle. I hit the gym for weights every week at least once, and I also love to rock climb. Occasionally I do Pure Barre or cycle. I really love to play with my physical body in so many ways!
DYP: What other mind or health benefits do you receive from practicing at DYP, and what is your main health/wellness goal at the moment? 
K: ​Practicing at DYP provides so many benefits – from a community space where I experience belonging and joy to a physical practice that helps to keep me injury free. I had a stress fracture that was healing from July through November of last year before I could begin running again, and yoga was there for me again and again as I struggled physically and emotionally. It helps restore balance to every part of my life and body, and I’m certain my regular practice has helped me remain injury free as I have been training for my current goal race (Lake Sonoma 50 mile on April 14).​
DYP: Aside from DYP, what’s your favorite local hangout?
K: This is a tough question, as lately I have tend to be a bit of a homebody. I love to go to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens – it’s beautiful, always changing, a great way to submerse yourself in nature, and I always learn something new while I’m there. I also really like Ponce City Market – I think it’s fun to check out all the shops and restaurants and walk around with a friend before or after a stroll on the Beltline.
Our mission is to provide a safe and welcoming environment whereby a student can: learn about the true essence of yoga through exploration, discovery, acceptance and understanding, in order to… progress in a calm, mindful and safe yoga practice to… become a strong, knowledgeable and discerning yogi or yogini. This beautiful evolution would lead this yogi or yogini to take their yoga off the mat into their everyday lives in order to… make the world a better place!
Decatur Yoga and Pilates is the largest studio in the Decatur area, offering 70 classes, 7 days a week. Our studio also hosts various workshops from internal and visiting teachers.
Come in to explore a detoxifying and energizing hot class, a blissful, deeply-releasing Yin class, or one of our many other offerings.  
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