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What a Wonderful Journey!

Dear beloved DYP Family,

As difficult as this is, I have finally come to the realization that closing our doors permanently is our only path forward. We have given this a good long run, 18 plus years, however times are so tough, circumstances have changed drastically, and the continued uncertainty that we all face day to day has become too much for the business, and for me, to bear. 

This absolutely breaks my heart.

Please come in and use any classes you have left on your 5 or 10 class packs prior to October 1, and we will go ahead and cancel all Auto Renew memberships so that no one will be charged anything more beyond today. Unfortunately we will not be offering virtual or outdoor classes in October as we had hoped.

We have done everything humanly possible to remain positive and keep going while making  every effort to keep you safe, and you have been gracious and generous with your loyalty and support, but in the end, the writing is on the wall. 

As our parting gift, please pick up a Cosmic Community Supporter Tee Shirt and a DYP Tervis Cup when you come in for your next class, first come first served. We will also be selling any left over props at a big discount so take a look at what you might need to support your practice. If you find that you would like to continue working with our teachers, I am sure they will be willing to accommodate you, however that will be for you to work out with each other.

It has been a huge blessing to serve you all over the years and I have so many precious and meaningful memories that I will cherish forever. My journey now is to move on and figure out who I am without DYP,  as this connection is fully steeped into my heart and soul.

Emma, my trusted and valued assistant, and I will field your emails for the next few weeks as we wind everything down. 

Love, Respect and Abundant Blessings to you all.

Sending everyone a big, warm, and tight virtual hug as well…the ones we used to share all the time in person.