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Grounded Kids Yoga


“Kids collaborate in our revolutionary methodology. Together we learn how to ground when unsettled.  Energize when feeling sluggish.  Focus when distracted.  Take the high road of responding instead of reacting impulsively.”

– Cheryl Crawford, creator and founder

You will marvel at the benefits your child, and ultimately you, will receive from participating in this series. Traditional yoga poses, breathing techniques and deep relaxation are explored. Students will experience the physical and emotional benefits of a vinyasa yoga flow and cre­ate their own personal flows. The theme each week will resonate with the students as they relate personally to topics such as: Renewal, Mindfulness, Compassion, Inner Hero, Aware­ness, and more. Children are natural yogis and they love it! One of the great perks of this program, is that we offer a hot and non hot yoga class for parents that coincide with our the Kids classes. You can get your “zen on” while your child is learning the great lessons of yoga in the room next door. Yoga is a wonderful activity to share with your child, and it is fun to compare what each of you learned in your respective classes.

Ages 4-6

Our youngest yogis are impressionable, energetic, and often very easily distracted. They need a balance of structure and freedom in order to do their personal best. Our 4 – 6 year old students need to move, they need to learn, Classes for kids will be playful and calm. Building strength, balance, and concentration, classes will utilize expressive yoga techniques to help foster an environment of cooperation and inner well being.

Ages 7-9

The objective of this practice for Tweens is to cultivate the self-­awareness needed to be happy, healthy, and whole. We begin each class with meditation tuning into the physical, mental and emotional self, and then encourage students to set an intention of caring for themselves throughout the practice. We start with stretches to warm up followed by a flow sequence and we often build up to a pinnacle challenge pose and/or a group game that fosters interconnection and communication. The chakra system and elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Space are included in the curriculum with guidance on how to apply them to daily life. We close every class with savasana and guided meditation, bringing awareness to the importance of finding a balance of effort and ease on and off the mat. We have so much fun laughing and learning together on our journey to discovering our most authentic selves!

Ages 10-12

Today’s middle school students often face a long sedentary day sitting at a desk. Classes for Pre­teens will integrate a deeper understanding of the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga as well as help these students to discover self confidence, positive body health and awareness, emotional balance and tools for stress management. The class begins with a few minutes of quiet tuning in, followed by a practice of grounded yoga! Poses are traditional yoga poses enhanced by tapping into what all tweens relate to in their lives. While building strength, balance and concentration, classes will also utilize expressive yoga techniques to help foster an environment of cooperation and inner well­being.

Young Vinyasa 13-16

Are you feeling overwhelmed in today’s fast paced world?  Do you find yourself reacting rather than responding? Do you feel anger bubbling up or sadness weighing you down?   Does the fear of fitting in or missing out make you do things you know are not true to your heart? Practicing yoga can help you learn how to regulate your physical, mental, and emotional states. Through practicing you will learn how to pause, relieve stress, change the story in your head, fuel your passions, release your fears, and shift your states. On the mat you will discover how to become present, breath, set a foundation, strengthen, stretch, relax, and become confident with your inner and outer world.  Come discover how your work on the mat can strengthen your work off the mat. Each series will be designed for your needs and will meet you where you are on and off the mat. Let’s learn, explore, and grow together

6 Week Series

This is an ongoing series and the kids progress as a group. Registration is required. Drop­-ins are available, but only to the first class of each series, space permitting.

Maximum of 15 students per class.

Kids Series Pricing

$84 / 6 week series

$74 / 6 weeks series for siblings

$19 Drop­in (space permitting).

$17 Drop­in for siblings (space permitting).

Family Yoga Series

Join us for a dynamic yoga class for the family, offering kids a chance to practice yoga with their loved ones. Classes are structured with an emphasis on interactive and partner poses for kids and adults to do together. This hatha yoga class will explore age- appropriate poses, breathing and relaxation exercises, partner poses between parent and child, and cooperative games. Increased body awareness, strength and flexibility, stress relief and relaxation are all wonderful benefits for kids and adults alike. Our yoga classes encourage self- acceptance, compassion, creative expression and discipline while giving families an opportunity to connect to their loved ones and share the well- being that comes with doing yoga. Ages 6 to infinity, all levels welcome. 

Grounded Kids & GrownUps 

Are you a kid or just a kid at heart? Maybe you’re a parent, aunt, uncle, nanny, teacher or someone looking for a more curious and playful approach to your yoga practice. Come ground and elevate with us as we yoke together the wisdom of children and the teachings of yoga in an all ages, all levels welcome class. We’ll explore everything from movement, stillness and breath to intention, focus and stress release. Think of this class like a Disney movie. There is something for children and adults alike. Most often this class is co-taught with certified Grounded Kids. We ask that parents accompany their child(ren) if they’re under the age of 7.


$20/drop in, 1 parent/1 child

$28/drop in, 1 parent/2 children

Register/purchase online