Kids Yoga


After beginning the Kids program in 2003 in partnership with Cheryl Crawford, we need some time to reevaluate how our programs can best serve kids and families moving forward. With so many extracurricular activities available after school, we are working to determine how this important offering could best fit into the busy lives of kids and parents. Let’s face it – with so much going on, squeezing in a little mind/body wellness is more important today than ever! Our kids programs are very RICH in content for learning how to live well in our ever changing world. 

For now, we will not be offering our traditional after school Kids series in the fall. We may resume during the late fall/early winter when kids are seeking activities indoors. We are seeking your valuable feedback on what would serve you best! 

Meanwhile, we intend to offer workshops and special events, such as Family Yoga, Parents Night Out and a Parenting Workshop (a yogic perspective). If you would like to hear more about these, please drop us a line to let us know. (link to email:

We currently have a Saturday Family Yoga Hour at our North location where we offer: 


  • 9am Kids Yoga w/ Dana – a wonderful Montessori teacher (Ages 4+)
  • 9am Prenatal Yoga w/ Jasmine
  • 9am Hot Levels 1 & 2 w/ Joe


If you are pregnant with your second child, the whole family can come to yoga on Saturdays! It’s a great way to start out the weekend and bond and connect in a healthy way.

Please let us hear from you. We are already getting lots of calls about the new season, but we feel we need to think this through so we can serve you best!

With warmth and gratitude for your patronage,
Debra and the entire Grounded Family