Introducing our new management team!

Well today was Jordan’s last day 🙁 and she spent it continuing to help train the new management team we now have in place. Perfect timing as these two ladies have the experience, personality and commitment to help us soar into 2018. The universe always supports me and this is just another example.

(See photo below, Dawn on the left and Ashley on the right).

Our new full time Studio Manager is Ashley Dunlop. You may have already met her as she is also a new teacher at the studio and has received rave reviews! A well rounded choice for this position, she has a corporate background in executive management, is a Life Coach and also has solid yoga knowledge as an experienced yoga teacher and enjoys offering meditation workshops etc. Rather than include a lot more about her here, you can read her bio under our teacher bios on our website. 
Ashley will be the formal contact for all teacher related communication. Going  forward, she would prefer to communicate via email. All teacher questions, requests, etc. should be directed to Ashley at Please refrain from texts and phone calls, unless it is an emergency and we would like to ask for a 24 hour turn around on email inquiries, so we have a digital trail and it will help her keep her sanity. Of course this will require that teachers be more proactive if possible with needs and it will take us all a little time to get used to the new system.
Our new part time Front Desk Manager is Dawn Montgomery Greene.  New to the desk but has had great service experience at Purre Barre, assists at her husbands law office, manages 5 children at home and is already familiar with Mindbody Online.  Can you say multi-tasker? If you haven’t met her, she will be the one with the huge smile on her face and uplifting greeting when you want in.
Dawn will manage all things front desk.  All front desk staffers will communicate directly with Dawn. We will be setting up a new separate gmail account for her,  possibly something like Stay tuned for that.
As a heads up, please know that there is a learning curve that has to be built in for these ladies. Please begin to submit all of your questions / comments to the appropriate manager right away. If they do not know the answer, they will contact me and I will help them with their response.  The only way they can learn the ropes is by doing,  and that means learning from not knowing, so please be patient. Our plan is to get very proficient with this system so, by the time the new studio opens, we have our communication pathways well oiled.
Take a moment to say hello to this lovely ladies when you can.  The photo below was taken today…..Jordan’s last day, and a new beginning for Ashley and Dawn.
Happy Thanksgiving!
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