From Gymnastics to Dance to Yoga: Meet Margot

Building community between like-minded individuals is something we’re passionate about at our yoga studio. Not only do we provide the Decatur community with yoga classes of a wide variety, but we also provide a home where they can connect, grow and share with one another. Our students come from all around the Atlanta area to shed old layers, build strength, and inspire themselves from the inside out. Every day at Decatur Yoga and Pilates we meet individuals who have inspired us and continue to shape and expand our community. We wanted to share their stories with you. 
Name: Margot
DYP: What brought you to yoga?
M: We all have our favorite exercise and I’ve enjoyed swimming, running, body sculpting. As of 2004, around Thanksgiving, I started Bikram Yoga at DYP and love it and all the other classes so much that now, 14 years later it’s still the central place for mind/body for me. Love the people, the community. All other exercise happens after yoga is done. I was always into dance and gymnastics — I did these in school. I noticed that its possible to maintain some things I worked on when I was as young as 14 even now. Yoga allows me to inch beyond what is comfortable.
DYP: Favorite yoga pose?
M: Mermaid pose. I thought I would never be able to do it but within a fairly short time, the pieces came together. One of the hardest parts early on was holding myself upright in the pose. Now I’d love to do King Pigeon!
DYP: What do you enjoy about your yoga practice?
M: I love the possibility that yoga presents. Because there are so many postures, you can move toward a pose even though it may feel really funky to you. It may feel like you’ll never get there. But you take small steps in the direction of the pose, then one day, it’s like a light bulb goes off — and you can do it. It seems sudden when you finally get it, but it amazes me how the body remembers from all earlier attempts. Like it knows where you’re headed. What I find valuable about yoga is how it’s more a practice of ‘asking’ your body and mind vs ‘telling’ or ‘willing’ them. It’s a humble thing and it’s humbling.
DYP: What other mind or health benefits do you receive from practicing at DYP?
M: I was in a stressful job for ten years and had digestive issues. I realized that wind relieving pose (Pavanamuktasana) helped. I also noticed I might come into the studio in a dark or muddled or anxious mood and found that working through this during practice allowed the discomfort to dissipate when I began to poke into it. Over the course of the day, my mind accumulates thoughts that can pollute or otherwise throw me off center. Yoga clears this. I particularly love when I walk into class already having a clear mind as it allows me to be very present — enjoying the teacher, the poses, the other yogis and yoginis, many who’ve also been coming to DYP for a long time — those days are golden.
DYP: Favorite local hangout?
M: Brick Store Pub, Apres Diem (Midtown)
Our mission is to provide a safe and welcoming environment whereby a student can: learn about the true essence of yoga through exploration, discovery, acceptance and understanding, in order to… progress in a calm, mindful and safe yoga practice to… become a strong, knowledgeable and discerning yogi or yogini. This beautiful evolution would lead this yogi or yogini to take their yoga off the mat into their everyday lives in order to… make the world a better place!
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