February: Studio News and Updates

Are you feeling healthy, strong, confident and happy?  How about the thought of a swimsuit or speedo for spring break in early April?
As an incentive for all of us, we are proposing a motivating concept. Join your fellow yogis, yoginis and me for 30 Days of Inspiration! Between February 5 and March 6 we will commit to 30 classes in an effort to become even more fabulous for the spring season ahead. Take out your calendars and schedule a month of DY classes to help you get where you want to be. A perfect time to try out our new Yoga Strength or Advanced Yoga Prep class to mix it up. 
We will provide a poster wall mount where you can write your name and track your progress. It’s inspiring to see other members making efforts to achieve their goals, as we are always at our best when we work together!
To participate, look for the ’30 Days of Inspiration’ option for purchase or click here and enjoy unlimited classes at DYP from February 5 to March 6! You may practice as much as you’d like during this time. 
Auto Renew and Yearly Unlimited members can join at no extra cost.
Here is a look at my first week…
Monday: Pilates @ 6:00 pm
Tuesday: Yoga Strength @ 7:30 am
Wednesday: 3 In 1 @ Noon
Thursday: Hot Core Power @ 8:30 am
Friday: Pilates @ Noon
Saturday: Almost Enlightened @ 9:00 am
Sunday: Slow Ride, Take It Easy @ 2:45 pm
The following week I will plan a completely new routine. 
Don’t forget to give me a high five when you see me in class! 
Set your sails well for the journey ahead.
Be Peaceful,
Debra and the entire DYP family
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