Ayurveda Guidelines for Every Day Living

Here is an easy checklist to incorporate into your everyday life to make some of the practices of Ayurveda Nutrition accessible and help you begin to take charge of your health. As you will see, it is not simply about what you eat, but when and how you eat.

Often we hear, “breakfast should be your biggest meal”. Not! Lunch should be your biggest meal and should be eaten between 12-2 when your digestive fire (Agni) is at its strongest. You do not have to hold back here, eat until you are full so you will not be hungry for dinner.
Have a light dinner. Think of supper as supplemental, not as super size. A salad or soup or even just fruit is perfect for dinner. I know you think “I could never do that!”, but try number 1 first and eat as much as you want for lunch and then decide.
Wait at least 4-5 hours between meals to ensure your food is digested before you eat again. This prevents the build up of toxins. Snacking is not Ayurvedically correct, neither are leftovers, microwaves and freezers
Do not eat after 7pm. This alone will create miracles. When this is not possible, try to wait 3 hours after dinner before you to to bed. In Ayurveda, a 10 pm bedtime is recommended for optimal health.
Sip warm water ALL day. Keep hydrated with water that is the same temperature as your body, this will make it easier for the body to absorb. Do not drink water with ice or drink too much water with meals as this will douse your digestive fire and shock your system. Drink water one half hour before meals and an hour after. Feel free to jazz up your water with lemon or ginger, just keep sipping.
Eat without distraction, no cell phone, computer, television etc. Do not even read while you are eating. The reason for this is simple: anything you take in while you are eating, you are also digesting. Especially do not watch the news or anything that is violent.
Make a ritual around your meals and eat slowly. Do not eat standing up or in the car. Instead consider setting a nice place for yourself, using a special cloth napkin, eating from a favorite plate or lighting a candle. Creating a simple ritual around food allows you take a moment to appreciate your food and creates a sacred space. This will also prevent unconscious over consumption and mindless munching.
Eat foods that have a high vibration; foods that are as close to their source as possible and are alive. That means fresh, local, highly pranic foods with high nutrient content. Choose organic when possible. Cooked foods are easier to digest than raw ones.
Put love and gratitude into what you are preparing; the food will taste much better and be easier to digest.
Buy foods that are consciously raised free of antibiotics, hormones and poor farming practices.
Make healthy choices 51% of the time and above all have compassion for yourselves.

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