August Featured Student of the Month: Jeff Kling

1. How long have you been practicing at DYP? I have been actively participating since November 2010.

2. What attracted you to yoga / Pilates? I wanted to find an activity that was good for both my body and my mind.

3. What has yoga taught you about yourself? I learned that age does not prevent a person from becoming physically fit, if that is the goal. I have become significantly stronger and more focused since I started my practice.

4. Have you had to overcome obstacles or injuries with your practice? That goes without saying. I practice Hot Yoga 4 times a week. Sometimes I overdo it and stretch something a little too far, that comes with age. Yoga has taught me the wisdom to recognize certain limitations and compensate accordingly.

5. How has yoga affected your life in general? Physical fitness and focus are what immediately come to mind. Maybe my family and friends will say that I am easier to get along with. You will have to ask them that question.

6. What is your profession? I started my own Strategic Consulting company back in 2009. I am building the business with the hope that my model will help communities build connections through broadband.

7. What do you do in your free time? Other than yoga, I enjoy golf and fishing. I am a music aficionado with a weakness for the Blues and fast cars.

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