April: Studio News and Updates

Our Humble New Beginnings

Our new studio space experienced its first jolt of sweet community Shakti on March 21 as we enjoyed our first Sound Healing event there. Thank you Rebecca for leading us with such love and care. As we get closer to reopening, I find myself very tuned in to what it means to reboot our lives again. How do we want to move forward? What are our new priorities after this unusual year? What have we learned from this diversion in our lives? It feels auspicious, because it is.

One quality I hope we have all gained this past year is a more profound sense of AWARENESS. Awareness serves as the seedling to any and all growth. Now is the perfect time to begin again in our lives and in our yoga practice. My awareness of the multifaceted path of yoga inspires my intention for our new beginning as a studio community.

My goal is that we all begin to embrace our inward journey with more gusto, as lasting joy and fulfillment is rarely achieved through external means only. When our world falls apart or life seems too heavy, going inward to reconnect with our breath can lead us back to our true nature, calm our fears and strengthen our emotional stability.

Understanding and experiencing the power of healthy breathing is at the core of yoga. This skill helps us draw the mind inward to explore our inner space. The CONSCIOUS CONNECTION of our mind with our breath as it moves through our body during asana is breath aligned movement. This way of moving relaxes our nervous system and increases the power of our life force. Once we tap into and understand this internal treasure, our asana practice is more dynamic and purposeful , which leads to a more nourished life.

The heart of my soul is excited about our future as we learn and grow together. The path of yoga is never ending and that is a beautiful thing.

In humble service,

Studio Opening Update

In the photo above is a canvas reproduction of our original Ganesh painting that was on the wall of our Zen Room downtown for so many years. The intention tree holds the written wishes of our students who attended the first Sound Bath last month.

It will be so nice to get beyond this constant state of uncertainty as soon as possible. We are waiting on one more permit approval from the city of Avondale Estates. We should have a definite answer on April 28.
If all goes well, we should take full possession of our new space on May 1, and with vaccines being widely distributed, we have decided to hold off on buildout so we can keep our space “wide open” to begin our concurrent in person and live virtual classes in May and June. In July, when people are traveling / getting kids ready for school, we will close the space to begin the buildout. During this time we will resume virtual and on demand, and then reopen in mid to late August when the kids are back in school. As more people get vaccinated, the more people are ready to get back into the flow of life, so let’s do it, safely of course!

Beginning in May, we will welcome all students who have been fully vaccinated to come back into our space. We will ask that you email a photo of your vaccine card along with your name as it appears on your MindBody account and your phone number to dypmanagement@gmail.com so we can update your account in our software system. Your account will then reflect that you are immunized and will serve as your green light for future visits. This process may evolve, but this is our current plan. Please know I accept and respect your choice of whether to be vaccinated or not and all I ask is that you accept the decision I feel I must make on this matter as a business owner. Remember our virtual classes will still be available to you.

This decision was a tough one, however after being closed for over a year, “to do the right thing”, and with new virus variants and new cases on the rise, I do not want to veer away from that mission now. I am scheduled for my first vaccine on April 3 and my second one on April 26. Our state is flooded with vaccine options right now so please schedule yours right away.

As always at DYP, Safety Comes First, and we choose to let science guide our way. We do not want the opening of DYP to further delay our overall recovery by risking additional viral transmission. We have a brand new HVAC air filtration system complete with UV light technology to kill viruses. This technology, along with vaccine protection, is the very best we can do to reopen safely.

Live Healing Sound Bath

When:Sunday, April 11,from 2:00 – 3:00
Where: 2855 Washington St. Avondale Estates
Street Parking is available around our building and on adjoining streets.
Masks and Social Distancing required for this event.

Class Schedule Updates

Please check our website or the MindBody app for class schedule adjustments as we transition throughout the month of April. If you are not ready to come back to class in person for any reason, we will continue to offer virtual classes and On Demand opportunities. We hope these changes will not affect your practice routine, but if so, please know we are doing our best to be fair and equitable with our teachers and students in this process of moving forward. Thank you for your continued support!

Allyship Course

Amelia and Barbara have agreed to take a break from our online Allyship course until we get our studio reopened next fall. We feel there is a bit of Zoom Fatigue out there, not to mention the weather is beautiful. The purpose of this effort is to stimulate community engagement related to race relations and inequality. We see great value in this attempt and we plan to continue with this important work. A giant thank you to Amelia and Barbara and to all who have participated. Also Barbara will be teaching a Movement and Meditation class at DYP soon. Welcome Barbara!

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