Studio Etiquette

As the studio grows, we are fortunate to have many new students joining our community. In order for everyone to feel comfortable in the space it is important that we communicate what is expected of students. Please familiarize yourself with our studio etiquette.

Be early to class.

Late entry to a class is extremely disruptive to the energy we are trying to create and it sets the wrong impression for others. Be a yogi…be mindful… be on time.

Practice on an empty stomach.

Come to practice with an empty stomach. Plan your meals so that you will have 2-3 hours of digestion time before practice. During class you may do poses that twist and compress your internal organs. A full stomach would make this healthy benefit of yoga uncomfortable.

Turn off your cell phones.

Turn off your cell phones before entering the studio or leave them in your car.

Personal items

We practice the honor system at DY and do not provide lockers or locks. Our clientele is honest, trustworthy and mindful, however, we cannot take responsibility for personal items brought in to the studio. Store personal belongings in changing rooms. Only mat, towel and water should be taken into the yoga room.

Bring your own mat.

Bring your own mat; it’s more hygienic. We do rent mats for $2.

Perfume, cologne, etc.

Refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, or strong essential oils.

Safety at DY

If you have a health issue (illness, injury or medical condition), please arrive early enough to speak with your teacher about it before class. Not every pose is appropriate for everyone.

Remove shoes.

Remove shoes before entering the yoga rooms. We practice in our bare feet.

Refrain from talking in yoga rooms.

Please refrain from talking in our yoga rooms so as to provide a haven from the noise of the day. Most people come to class to create some peace and calm in their lives. You are welcome to converse with fellow yogis in the bathrooms and lobby.

Let go of the competitive mind-set.

Yoga is non-competitive. It is a workout, an opportunity for cross-training and a technique for relaxation. It is also a spiritual practice that makes the body stronger, more flexible and generally, much healthier. The purpose is to calm the mind, open the heart and stimulate our spiritual evolution.

Accept where you are.

Be kind and loving to yourself by accepting where you are. It is okay to come out of a pose before the teacher says to. Yoga is not “gutting it out” or “no pain, no gain.” To the contrary, the body will respond beautifully when you show it kindness, acceptance and love. Rest sometimes. Do what you can, with what you have, with where you are.

Replace your props mindfully.

We work hard to provide a clean and orderly yoga studio. Do your part by consciously replacing the props you use nicer than you found them. This way the next time you come in you will be greeted with the neat and tidy studio you have come to expect.

Stay for the entire class.

If you occasionally need to leave early, (please do not make it a habit), tell the teacher beforehand and exit before final relaxation.

Honor Savasana.

The final savasana at the end of class is the most important posture. It is recommended to lie calmly for at least five minutes for every half hour of practice, so ideally you would rest for 15 minutes after your class. Verse 32 of the first chapter of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika states: “lying upon one’s back on the ground at full length like a corpse is called Savasana. This removes fatigue caused by the other asanas and induces calmness of mind. Steady, smooth, fine and deep breathing without any jerky movements of the body soothes the nerves and calms the mind.” The demands of modern civilization usually do not allow us to take this much time at the end of class, however, if you cannot commit to at least 2 minutes in Savasana, we ask that you exit before so that others can enjoy this time quietly.

Lavender towels

We place a cool lavender towel on your eyes and forehead at the end of our hot classes. After class, please place towels in the wire basket outside the hot room.

Used rental mats

Please roll up used mats and place them in the silver bin right outside the Hot Room. We wash, dry and roll them up for future students.

Plastic bags for wet yoga wear

Please donate your plastic grocery bags and we will recycle by providing them for your wet yoga wear.

Sick policy

If you are sick, (have a fever or are coughing excessively), or if you feel like you are moving in that direction, PLEASE HONOR THE YOGA ROOM AND YOUR FELLOW YOGIS by refraining from practice. Rest, drink fluids, get well and then return to your practice.


6:00 AM Classes

We are the only yoga studio in the city that offers five 6:00 AM classes each week. We have a great group of committed yogis and yoginis who primarily come at this time. We are also very blessed to have teachers who are equally committed to consistently getting up to teach at this time. These teachers have normal business hours or families to attend to as well and need to leave the studio by 7:15 in order to get to their respective jobs. Please honor the benefit of these early classes by being ready to leave the studio by 7:15. We do not have a front desk person available at 6:00 AM, so please sign in on the paper provided and if you need to pay by credit card, please write your phone number beside you name so we may contact you for payment.

Read our Newsletter.

We send out a monthly newsletter to keep you informed of any class changes, additions, cancellations etc. and to inform you of workshops and series we are offering in the future as well as just general information we feel you should know about the studio. This is our lifeline to our students. Our intention is to only send out one email per month and we would never give your email addresses to anyone else. If you would like to receive these informative messages, please make sure we have your current email address.

Be aware of our quarterly class assessment.

Each quarter we evaluate classes in terms of attendance and support to determine if we need to make tweaks in the schedule. These changes are usually minimal but we want you to be aware that a new schedule may be provided at the beginning of each quarter.

Give Feedback.

We welcome and consciously consider any and all input from our students. Suggested input would be: class times, yoga styles, teachers, new classes, retail, front desk…any area of your studio life is open to your input. Help us to be the best studio for you.

HAVE FUN, explore, learn and enjoy your time here.

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