Our Studio

Our Journey

After calling Downtown Decatur home for the past 18 years, we had to walk away from our space during Covid. In transition, we set up shop temporarily at The Avondale Estates Community Club offering virtual and outdoor classes from their clubhouse and patio. It was then that the lightbulb went off and we seriously considered the move. Welcome to Decatur Yoga & Pilates at Avondale Estates. 

Our new logo represents our connection with both Decatur and Avondale by including the background Lotus from our previous logo with a new white Lotus blooming up and out of the previous one. Just as Decatur was beginning its resurgence back in 2003, Avondale is now in a similar position, and we are excited to participate in and support that growth while still serving our Decatur friends. Through it all the lotus flower blooms, and we are here ready and willing to begin again.

Our Mission

Our original mission statement, below, still stands today, however our new emphasis as we reestablish our new home post Covid,  is to recommit to the education of the foundations of yoga as a pathway to achieve a lifelong practice. To understand the importance of breath and prana that awaits us as we explore our inner space. To explore the ancient sacred texts that speak of the deep treasures held within our grasps once we understand their meaning. A Beginners Mind is the secret to your success in any endeavor, and so it is with yoga.  It is our honor to assist you on this path as it is never ending.

Original Mission: To provide a safe, welcoming and educational environment whereby a student can learn about the true essence of yoga through exploration, discovery, acceptance and understanding, iin order to… progress in a calm, mindful and safe yoga practice…to become a strong, knowledgeable and discerning yogi or yogini. 

This beautiful evolution would lead this yogi or yogini to take their yoga off the mat into their everyday lives in order to make the world a better place!

Our Philosophy

We express mindfulness, integrity, compassion and personal responsibility in our space and encourage it in others. We embrace a balanced approach to yoga, offering a blend of styles and methods to serve our ever changing personal needs. Our teachers work with students at every level of experience, providing modifications for asanas (poses) as needed and encouraging students to honor and trust the wisdom of their own bodies.  All of our teachers are yoga alliance certified and are always evolving through continuing education and workshops to help keep their teaching fresh and inspiring. Classes often begin with setting an intention, connecting inward with pranayama (breathwork), followed by a warm-up for a series of asanas (poses) that range from gentle movements to more physically challenging, depending on the class. Classes end with Savasana, which allows time for rest and integration which is highly recommended, sort of the cherry on top.