5 Essentials for a Productive & Peaceful Day

by Debra Kelley

1. Move Your Body

It doesn’t matter how you do it or for how long, just do it. Take a 10 minute walk around the halls in your office building, or a trail in nature, find a 10 minute yoga video or commit to an hour long lunch class at the studio. Life is movement and movement is a must.

2. Take a Breather

Taking a few minutes every day to consciously breath will create space in your body and mind. Think grocery store lines or at a red light. Take 5 slow rounds of a 4 second inhale and a 6 second exhale whenever you are feeling overwhelmed. This will help take the edge off by recalibrating  your nervous system so you can continue to be calm and productive throughout the day.

3. Practice Gratitude

Take 5 minutes to reconnect with the good things in your life. Even the beauty of a flower or the sound of a song bird is something positive to notice and appreciate. Anytime is good but I have found that a  morning and evening routine is a great time to do this.

4. Spend time in Contemplation

We are always moving, doing and acting, usually with little time spent contemplating why? By giving yourself 5 minutes everyday to sit with your thoughts, you can bring intention to everything you do. Ask yourself 3 questions… who am I, what do I want and what is my purpose?

5. Embrace Silence

Studies have shown that silence can be incredibly beneficial for our brains and bodies. By embracing silence a little each day, we are giving our brains some much needed TLC. As a Highly Sensitive Person, silence has become the balm of my life. I like to start mornings on my screened porch before the sounds of blowers and cars begin to just be without distraction. We are bombarded with stimulation everyday so finding some reprieve from it is a true gift. By the way, this is why we ask our students to speak softly or to be silent prior to our yoga classes. 

More than the amount of time you spend doing the above, it is the habit of doing each task a little each day that is important. This is a to do list worthy of scratching off each day as it will assist in keeping you centered and sane. Now is a good time to begin creating these new habits as the holiday season is just around the corner. 

About the author:

Debra Kelley is the proud founder and director of Decatur Yoga. The stresses of corporate life led her to her first yoga class in 1995 and she has been a perpetual student ever since. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher certified to teach Bikram, Vinyasa and Yin yoga, has taken Pre-natal training, Essential Mat Pilates Training through Stott, and Pilates Reformer Level 1 with Balanced Body.  She consistently attends national yoga conferences and workshops to embrace the role of being a student with a “beginners mind”. She opened her first yoga studio in 2003 which led to the opening of a second location in 2018. Her time away from the studios is spent with her dog Bindi, her Old Florida beach cottage, back yard gardening, and renovating anything.

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