Nicole Jurovics

Nicole has been practicing yoga regularly since 1999, when she discovered Bikram’s beginning yoga series. With a background in gymnastics, she had natural flexibility but lacked strength and stamina. The heated room, group energy and challenging series quickly brought her an internal awareness of her physical and personal potential. Over the next five years, she sampled many yoga styles and studios, and found that every class offered her a different opportunity and challenge. Tthe heated yoga practice consistently left her with feelings of strength and energy more pronounced than any other style. She knew she wanted to deepen her understanding of yoga and cement her life long commitment to her practice, so in 2004 she completed the Atlanta Yoga Fellowship Teacher Training Program. Already a regular student of Decatur Yoga & Pilates, she began teaching here shortly thereafter. Because DYP encourages each teacher to draw upon their personal yoga experience while leading a class, she has found teaching to be a constantly changing and exciting experience, much like her practice. She learns from other teachers and endeavors to stitch her own practical knowledge and personal imagery into each class. She loves leading first time students through class, remembering her own first class and how overwhelmed she felt during, but inspired afterwards. Nicole is excited to be part of the DYP yoga community, where individuality is respected and nurtured. And where babies and dogs are a big part of the studio.