Dacia Alexander

In 2001, Dacia knew very little – but just enough – about the healing powers of yoga to give her then-boyfriend (now husband) a yoga mat and a package of classes to a small studio near their home to help him find relief from stress and anxiety.  The benefits to him were apparent, but her own practice did not take hold until years later.  Dacia was begrudgingly dragged to her first yoga class in Seattle in January 2013, wearing borrowed yoga clothes and feeling utterly intimidated by a roomful of well-toned folks doing impossible feats as a “warm up”.  She persevered through the class and found, at the end, lying in savasana, something new, unidentifiable and somewhat magical had transpired. 

Returning home then to Atlanta, her love of and dedication to the practice grew, becoming a regular fixture at Decatur Yoga, reading and absorbing as much as she could about yoga philosophy, its texts and attending retreats and workshops to dive deeper.  Progressively growing each time on the mat, the return on her quality of life, personal relationships and overall happiness and outlook on life was immeasurable. 

Dacia loves the unifying principles of yoga, which really had nothing to do with athletic feats of grandeur after all, but rather self-love, acceptance and grace.  In November 2014, she completed her YTT 200 hour teaching certification under beloved Decatur Yoga instructions Astrid Santana and Joe Palese.  Dacia’s classes aim to put beginners at ease, while also challenging the most seasoned yogi, and invite deeper introspection and curiosity into the magic of this practice.  To share what she has personally received through this practice with others is a distinct honor.