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Welcome to Decatur Yoga. We have served the Decatur community and beyond for 13 years and we still love what we do. We were pioneers back in 2003 by being the first studio to embrace the concept of offering numerous styles of yoga under one roof. This new approach was well received, and since then, many studios have implemented this very same concept. Imitation is the best form of flattery.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe and welcoming environment whereby a student can: learn about the true essence of yoga through exploration, discovery, acceptance and understanding, in order to… progress in a calm, mindful and safe yoga practice to… become a strong, knowledgeable and discerning yogi or yogini. This beautiful evolution would lead this yogi or yogini to take their yoga off the mat into their everyday lives in order to…make the world a better place!


Our Philosophy

DY encourages a balanced approach to yoga, embracing a blend of styles and methods. Our instructors work with students at every level of experience, providing modifications for asanas (poses) as needed, helping them learn to listen to and trust the wisdom of their own bodies, and encouraging home practice to deepen the health and wellness benefits of yoga. All of our teachers are yoga alliance certified and are always evolving through continuing education and workshops to help keep their teaching fresh and inspiring.Classes often begin with setting an intention, relaxation and pranayama (breathwork), followed by a flowing series of asanas (poses) that range from gentle movements to a challenging physical workout. Conscious breathing, which creates a steady, energized presence, is coordinated with the various practices. Classes end with time for rest and integration.


The Importance of Safety

At Decatur Yoga, safety is paramount. We meet you where you are on your yoga path, offering modifications and encouraging you to honor and accept where you are. We never push, but simply guide, educate and encourage you to find your best self on and off the mat.People with diabetes, uncontrolled hypertension (elevated blood pressure), or inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis should be careful in the hot classes and monitor their symptoms in response to the heat. We invite you to sit down and take breaks as often as you need to in our hot classes in order to progressively acclimate to this new environment. If you are brand new to yoga, please introduce yourself to our teachers so they are aware.


Our Founder’s Story

“Many paths to the same mountain”

An Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, Debra holds certifications in several yoga styles including Bikram, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and Prenatal, and has taken Essential Pilates Mat Training through Stott Pilates. Currently pursuing a 500 hour yoga certification in Yoga Therapy through the Center For Integrative Yoga Studies, she consistently attends national yoga conferences and workshops to embrace the role of being a student with a “beginners mind”. The ancient healing art of Ayurveda and the gentle power of meditation are disciplines that inspire her to seek out the deeper traditions of yoga.

Debra especially enjoys the opportunity to share the fundamentals of yoga with new students and receives great reward in witnessing their progress over time. She is a stickler for safety since she has personally experienced a serious and unnecessary injury at the hands of an over-zealous and unknowledgeable teacher. As a result, safety has become the cornerstone of the entire studio.

Her teaching style emphasizes proper alignment, mindful breath and the importance of a foundation in stability, while always encouraging an attitude of acceptance and an awareness of mind-body intelligence. Her role as owner is to offer as many slices of the “yoga pie” as possible, taught in the safest way possible, so that DY students may be exposed to the many ways that yoga can be expressed. Her mantra is “There are many paths to the same mountain, be safe and enjoy the view!” The variety of yoga styles offered at DY, reflect her interest in and appreciation of an eclectic, balanced and evolving yoga practice.

Debra Kelley

We look forward to meeting you.
Welcome to the journey.

Meet Our Management Team

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at Decatur Yoga. Along with Debra, here are the ladies who help make it all run smoothly.

Jordan Yeager

Jordan Yeager has been our front desk manager since 2013 when she moved to Atlanta from her hometown of Nashville. She has taken Stott Pilates’ mat certification course, and practices yoga and Pilates regularly to supplement her addiction to distance running. She likes managing because it allows her to make the big picture, the ethos of the studio, become the reality. In addition to working at Decatur Yoga, Jordan is working on her Master of Divinity  degree and loves traveling, movement, writing, being outside, and discovering good music..

Amelia Relser

Amelia Reiser found her home at Decatur Yoga in 2012. Born and raised in Oklahoma, Amelia completed her BFA in Dance Performance at The University of Georgia, then spent time traveling, performing, and creating art in Europe before landing in Atlanta. Simply looking for a way to stay fit in performance off season, she stumbled upon Decatur Yoga. The amazing classes drew her in, but it was the beautiful community – teachers, staff, and students – all interacting like family that really made her feel at home. Amelia completed her 200hr yoga teacher training through Pranakriya Yoga at Decatur Yoga under the guidance of Yoganand Michael Carroll and Marlysa Sullivan. She is thrilled to now be working as both an instructor and manager of Decatur Yoga. Amelia also continues to perform with Atlanta-based dance company Staibdance.

In addition to management, the front desk staff at DY is very valuable to us, and necessary in making the studio  the best it can be. Both staff and management are here to answer your questions and help you in any way we can.

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